Integrated Form

In this article, we'll explain how to do the integration of already existing forms. Before doing that, a reminder that there are two options to use forms in Connectif:

  1. Create a form via Web Content.
  2. Integrate the data from an existing form from your site.

For more information about the Web Content forms, read the article about that subject. You can access the two methods by going to "Content > Web" for the first one and to "Content > Forms" for the second.


Integrated form

It's a type of form generated through the site of each client. Select "Add integrated form" and, in the first step, paste the URL where it's hosted. 



In this step, it's crucial to select the type of form, "Add" or "Event":

  • When the goal is to get the contacts's email and subscribe them to the newsletter, your preferred choice is the "Add" form. It's the most used type of form. It performs the actions previously stated automatically and will notify the URLs that are registered. To get more data from a form, like particular fields, we have to do it via workflow. While creating one, you have to add a trigger node "On form submitted", followed by an action node "Set attribute". In this one, we'll do the mappings to assign each value with their correspondent contact fields. 
  • The "Event" forms allow us to store any data that we want to gather from our contacts. For example, we can ask and then gather information regarding their favorite category in the site, their city or their names.

In the next step, Connectif will show all the forms that have been detected from the URL. Select one and advance.



Now, you'll only have to choose which fields from the form get imported, and if you want to edit them. If you wish to embed them into Connectif's already existing fields (for example, email), assign values and select which ones you want to import.



After that, we need to create a workflow to do field association with Connectif's system. Remember that the email field gets registered automatically, and the newsletter subscription depends on the settings chosen on the first step. All the other fields require a workflow like the following to set attributes to the contacts within Connectif:



This is how to set up all three nodes:

  • Node "Start": we'll set up this node to reach the biggest audience possible. So, the limitation will be "All my list" and the data source "All existing and new". 



  • Node "On form submitted": we'll select the name of the specific form in the configuration page, the same we've already integrated and contains the data useful to this workflow.




  • Node "Set attribute": here, we can do the mappings of the fields from the form that we want to transfer to Connectif. The process is the drag & drop method, and we should focus on the fields provided by the "On form submitted" node. In this example, we'll associate the fields "User Agent" as the surname and "# times triggered by this contact" as the points.



By this point, we'll have all the relevant data that was in the form stored in Connectif, which means that all the information from the form of the site is passing through to Connectif's system.

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