How products get automatically related

Connectif has a feature that automatically relates different products. As time goes by, the feature learns about the different criteria that makes products relate to each other. You can see which products Connectif has related with others, sorted by relevance, when you access the details page of any product and click the "Related products" tab.



We'll expose some of the criteria that the feature is based upon, without getting into a lot of technical detail:

  • The maximum amount of related products for each individual product is 40.
  • When product A is related to product B, doesn't mean that automatically product B is related to product A. The relation between products is unidirectional, but sometimes it can also be reciprocal.
  • Internally, Connectif mainly focuses on relevance in the relationship between two products. The bigger the relevance, the stronger the relationship between the products.
  • To increase relevance, Connectif tracks:
    • Products that have been bought together. This has a huge weight in regards to product relationship.
    • Products that have been visited after other products. This has a small weight in regards to product relationship.
  • To decrease relevance, Connectif just keeps lowering the weight periodically when products don't share the previously discussed interactions.
  • The relationship between two products can be be completely lost if the weight is down to the point that there are 40 products that are more relevant.

NOTE: Don't mistake the term "relevance" with "priority". Relevance is an internal calculation performed by Connectif. It's not publicly available nor can be modified. Priority is a field within a product that can actually be edited by the user or via the tag "cn_product_visited"

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