Personal Integration

In this article, we'll explain how to create a personal integration in order to receive certain information to Connectif. We'll see how to do it with an example:

We want to send specific data to Connectif at a particular moment and synchronize that data with each contact and their actions in our website.

Create personal integration and create the event "receive data"

First thing we have to do is create a personal integration, and within it, an event to receive information.



Setting up the "receive data" event

This event needs to have the fields that we're going to send set up beforehand. In case you want to synchronize the data with the contact's information (as we do), you'll have to choose the type of data that is appropriate for each field. 



It's important to have the field email be email type and marked as a primary key, since it will be used to identify each contact.

Obtain notification endpoint

Once the event is created, we can go back to the list of events to select it and obtain the URL where we have to notify this type of events.





Send data to Connectif

Now that we have the event set up and the endpoint to which we can send the data, we have to make the call to said endpoint to notify the information we get during the event.

An example of a call would be like this:



The call must be a POST petition to the previously selected endpoint with ContentType: 'application/json' and the body of the call must specify the IDs of the fields for the event. In our case, that's what you can see in the previous image.

Synchronize the data with contact info

To synchronize this information with the contact's data, we'll have to create a workflow. Here's an example of a workflow structure to make it happen:



As we can see below, in the "set attribute" node's mappings, we have the information available from our event that was placed before.



When the workflow is active, the information received in the events will be synchronized with our contact's data, as we wanted.

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