Integration with Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

The Connectif integration with Facebook and Instagram Ads allows you to synchronize your Connectif contacts to work with your Facebook and Instagram advertising accounts, to detect visits coming from Facebook and Instagram and create workflows depending on those events.


How to access it

You can access the Facebook Ads integration via Store settings in the left side menu, in the tab selector, by clicking “Integrations > Ads and Audiences” and then Edit.

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The main interface of the Facebook Ads integration is composed of three blocks:

1. Tabs: to navigate via one of the three integration options:

  • Connector: to connect the Facebook Ads account.
  • Settings: to review the name, category and description of the integration.

2. Main panel: where the options for each tab are located.

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How it works

The Facebook Ads integration allows you to connect your Facebook and Instagram Ads accounts in order to transfer Connectif contacts to a Facebook advertising account.

It also allows you to detect visits from Facebook and Instagram and create workflows dependent on these events.


To link your Facebook and Instagram Ads accounts with Connectif, you need to have a Meta Business Manager account available with an advertising account configured (see advertising account settings).


1. Connect your Meta advertising account with Connectif

In tabs (1) go to Connector and in the main panel (2) click Connect.

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In the pop-up window, log in and accept the permissions required by Connectif.

Once the process is complete, Connectif will display a message on the main panel (2) indicating the validity of the authorization obtained from Facebook.

To complete the connector configuration, in the main panel (2) choose an Ads account from the existing ones in the dropdown 2. Select Ads account.

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Click Update to save the integration.


The account validity message shows a deadline. When that date is imminent, you'll need to go back to the integration settings and get a new authorization from Facebook. To do this, click “Reconnect”. Connectif will also let you know if it detects that the authorization has expired when performing operations with Facebook.


2. Send Connectif segments to Facebook Ads

To send contact segments, go to the Connectif side menu and click “Contacts > Segments”.

Once in this area, click on “Export to Facebook”.

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Select the Connectif segment that you want to export to Facebook.

Integración con Facebook Ads - 6-min.png

Select the Facebook audience to which you want to export contacts from Connectif.


The target audience must be of the “Customer List” type, since only this type of personalized audience will appear in the list.
In addition, it must contain at least one email address, otherwise you won’t be able to select it in Connectif.


Integración con Facebook Ads - 7-min.png

Click Next .

On the next screen you can return to the segments or access the list of exports. You can also access this list from the Segments screen.

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3. Detect visits from Facebook

The Workflow editor includes the “On page visit from Facebook” trigger node, which reacts when a contact visits the website via a link or post on Facebook.

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You can configure the following in the node interface:

  • Campaign: to configure the campaigns that will trigger the node.
  • Ad: to configure the ads that will trigger the node. 

For Connectif to detect the campaign and/or ad from which the visit was made, the link visited must contain the campaign and/or ad parameters. You can configure these parameters in the Facebook Ad Manager, following this guide.

  • Mobile: to configure if the visit must come from a mobile device (or not) to trigger the node. 

Tip: Avoid using campaign and ad names more than once. This could cause the “On page visit from Facebook” node to attribute visits from Facebook to the wrong campaign or ad.



In the example, the node will be triggered with any visit from Facebook.


4. Detect visits from Instagram

For its part, the trigger node “On page visit from Instagram” reacts when a contact visits the website via a link or post on Instagram.

Integración con Facebook Ads - 10-min.png

In the node interface, you can configure whether it will trigger with any visit, visits from certain campaigns, visits from certain ads or from a mobile device.



In the example, the node will trigger on any visit from Instagram.




You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


Do you have questions?
Don’t forget, our Connectif specialists are here to help you. To contact them, just open a Support ticket by clicking the blue “Help” button on your dashboard.


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