Web Push notifications channel configuration

Web push notifications are instant, fully customizable messages that a contact receives on their device. This instant, one-on-one communication allows you to reach users at the right time and in the right places, even when they aren’t visiting your website, to increase conversion rates

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up web push notifications.


Implementation time: 10 minutes.
Difficulty: Medium
When to use it: When you want to integrate your web push notification activity with Connectif.


Web push notifications launched from Connectif work in browsers and versions that support the PUSH API. This includes the most widely used browsers on the market: Chrome, Firefox or Edge (Chromium). However, web push notifications are not supported on Safari or iPhone devices.

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STEP 1. Configuring the ServiceWorker

1. Go to "Integrations > Web". Click on the Push notifications tab.

2. In the tab selector, go to "Channels > Web Push Notifications".

3. Click  Download.

Configurar notificaciones web push 2023 - 01-min (2).png


A ServiceWorker file (such as "service-worker.js" in the download) is a sequence of JavaScript commands executed by the browser in the background. When using it, certain web processes continue to run even if the contact has closed the browser or not yet opened it.

4. Upload the file to your server and copy the route.

5. Add the route to the ServiceWorker in the ServiceWorker URL section.

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For web push notifications to work correctly, your shop or website domain must be HTTPS.

6. Click   Update.


STEP 2. Check configuration

1. In a new tab or window, access the ServiceWorker URL.



If the path is correct, the browser will display the code fragment that defines the ServiceWorker.

2. Open the browser's (DevTools) console.


All browsers have a link in the menu to open DevTools. Here are the instructions to open it in Google Chrome (browser used in our example), Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge y Safari.

Alternatively, if you are in Chrome, Firefox or Edge, you can use the F12 shortcut key.

3. In the development tools window, click Application.


4. From the menu in the left column select  Service Workers.

5. Check that the status of the ServiceWorker is "active and running". In addition, the traffic light accompanying Status will be green.





Web push notifications are ready to be used in your strategies.

Keep learning!

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