How to set up push notifications

To set up web push notifications, follow the next steps:

Go to "Integrations > Web" and click the tab "Push Notifications".

In that tab, there is a JavaScript file named service-worker.js. Download it and put it in your server. That way, it will have access to your site's domain.

Example: if your site is you could use the file at 

Once it's done, you have to copy the public URL in the appropriate place of the page, as shown in the next picture. That way, Connectif can locate the file.




It's essential to keep in mind that the web push notifications will only work if the domain of the site is HTTPS.


Web Push Support

Connectif supports the browsers that give support to the PUSH API:

The following are the most used browsers on the market, just to name a few:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge (Chromium)
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