How to insert a Slide In in your website

In this article, you will learn how to create and display a Slide in on your website using Connectif. This feature will allow you to capture your visitors' attention in an effective and dynamic way.

Implementation time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
When to use it: When you need to capture the attention of your visitors in a subtle but effective way.

STEP 1: Creating the Slide in

1. Log in to your Connectif account.

2. Go to "Content > Web content" and click  Create new content.

3. Select the Slide in content type.

Show a Slide In on your website - 1-min.png

4. Configure the design of the Slide in according to your needs in the General tab.


You can customize the design of the Slide in to match the aesthetic of your website. For more information on how to compose your content, check out the article on Connectif's Web Content Editor.

5. In the Components tab, select the components you want to include in your content. You can add text, images, buttons, and more.

Show a Slide In on your website - 2-min.png

6. Click  Save to save the changes to the Slide In design.


STEP 2: Creating the workflow to display the Slide in

7. Go to Workflows and click   Create new workflow.

8. Select   Create blank workflow.

9. Edit the "Start" node to trigger for your entire contact list, both existing and new, as shown in the image.

Show a Slide In on your website - 3-min.png

10. Add a trigger node "On page visit".

11. Configure the node to activate on the pages where you want the Slide in to appear.


You can configure the node so that the Slide in appears on a specific URL, on all pages of your website, or based on other custom criteria.

Show a Slide In on your website - 4-min.png

12. Add an action node "Send web content"

Show a Slide In on your website - 5-min.png

13. Configure the node and select your Slide In. Click Next .

Show a Slide In on your website - 6-min.png

14. Adjust the additional settings according to your needs, such as the display frequency and conditions, as shown in the image. Click Next .

Show a Slide In on your website - 7-min.png

15. (Optional). If you have variables, you will need to associate them in the next step. If not, click Next to access the node limitations .

16. Keep the default node limitation active so that the Slide In is shown only once per contact, as shown in the image.

Show a Slide In on your website - 8-min.png

17. Click Apply to save the node configuration.

18. Save your workflow and activate it to determine when it should start and, optionally, when you want it to stop, so the Slide In will no longer be displayed.

Show a Slide In on your website - 9-min.png


In our example, the workflow will start automatically and stop after 30 days.



Your Slide In is integrated into your website.


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