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Contact deletion is the process by which all of a contact’s data and activities are deleted from Connectif. It allows you to delete an individual’s contact information or bulk delete all the contacts belonging to a segment.


1. Properties

  • Deleting contacts is an action that cannot be undone.

  • Deleting contacts will also delete the activity associated with these contacts but will not delete their statistics or purchases.

  • For contacts to be deleted in bulk, they must belong to a particular segment, either Dynamic, Dynamic Plus or Static.
  • Contacts can only be deleted in bulk if the segment to which they belong is not being used in any workflow.


2. How it’s used in Connectif

Deleting an individual contact

1. Go to "Contacts > View all".

2. Locate the contact you wish to delete and click (Delete).


3. In the alert message that will be displayed, click Delete the contact to confirm that the contact should be deleted from Connectif.


4. Once deleted, a success message will be displayed in the contact list.



Bulk contact deletion

1. Go to "Contacts > Segments".

2. Locate the segment you want to delete, click More and then Delete.


3. In the alert message that will be displayed, turn on the Delete contacts pertaining to the segment selector.

4. Type the name of the segment in the box provided.

5. Click Delete segment and contacts to confirm the deletion of the Connectif segment and contacts.


6. Once deleted, a success message will be displayed in the segment listing.




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