How to delete contacts

Connectif allows you to delete your contacts in two ways: individually and collectively.

How to delete one contact

To delete just one contact, you just have to go to the contact list in "Contacts > View All", locate the contact and click the icon "delete".



How to delete several contacts at the same time

To delete contacts collectively, it is necessary that all of them are part of the same dynamic or static segment.

Then, you just need to go to the segments list, from "Contacts > Segments", click "more" in the specific segment, and then select "delete".



Next, a window will appear that will ask if you just want to delete the segment or also the contacts within it.

It's important to indicate that the contacts can't be deleted if the segment is currently being used in an active workflow.

Before you select "Delete segment", you'll be informed that the process can't be undone.



Once we indicate the name of the segment, the deletion will be over. 

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