Export Contacts & Data

The contacts section works as an storage library and a way to manage your digital data. All this information can be exported outside of Connectif via CSV file.

To start the export process, go to "Contacts > View All > Export".

Select export type

To choose the exportation type, you have to drag one of the options to the right square. There are two types:

  • Contacts: exports the fields of data regarding the contacts.
  • Activities: exports the registered activities the contacts have made on your site.

It is possible to do the two types of export in the same process. This will generate two different ZIP files, one for each type.



Select Source



When you export data from the contacts, you can choose if you want to get all the information from your data base or just from a particular segment. Moreover, there are various filters that allow you to get more specific in the selection. For example, you can select all the contacts that have their emails registered as a data source, or those who purchased two or more times.

Regarding the activity information, we can export all the available data from any date, or we can select a concrete period of time. This period can be selected with specific dates (between August 15, 2020 and August 20, 2020) or from a time interval ("last 15 days").

Select Contact Fields/Activities

The third and fourth steps are similar. In those, you'll see a list of all the fields or activities that are in the data base and you can select to be a part of the exported file. Just check the ones you want to export:



Output Format

We can choose if the separation between columns in the CSV file will be via comma or semicolon. The format of the date can also be selected between different types.



Finally, when we click "START EXPORT", the process will start. Once it's done, we'll have the ZIP files ready to download. We can check the export status in the page "export list".



Export List

This is the page where we can see all the data exports from Connectif. We can search between the different types, download them, or delete them.



Connectif will delete the export 10 days after their creation, so it's important to ensure that we have the files before time runs out.

Export Utility

The CSV files generated by Connectif can be used to do analysis in programs like Excel, PowerBI or DataStudio.

We can also use these files to import them to trial accounts, or to have a security copy of our contacts and their recorded activities.

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