"Start" node

The "Start" node is used to establish which contacts should be targeted by strategies. As a result, this node will be present in all workflows and all flows will start from it. 


How to access it

This node will always be present in your workflows, without you needing to take any action. You can access its settings by clicking  (Edit node settings).




The main interface of the "Start" node is composed of three blocks:

1. Node parameters: to edit the settings or view the exported data.

2. Selection limitation: to select the set of contacts that the workflow will target.

3. Select data source: to filter the contacts that will enter the workflow based on the date they were created, i.e., whether pre-existing contacts should enter before the flow is activated, new ones created after activation, or both.



How it works

All workflows begin with the "Start"node, which delimits the target audience and data sources. There is always only one start node in each workflow, it is not possible to remove or add another one. 

In order to correctly configure the target audience in line with the strategy and objective, it is essential to properly select the limitation and data source of our node.


1. Select audience limitation

In the "Start" node Settings, select the limitation (1) to the contacts to be targeted by the workflow. The "All my list" option is selected by default, so all the contacts in the database will be able to enter the workflow.

To filter predefined segments, click the "All my list" dropdown, where you can filter the predefined segments "Contacts with email", "Contacts without email", "Contacts with cell phone" or "Contacts subscribed to push".


To filter segments created in your account, select the "Belonging to segment" option and then click on the drop-down to choose the segment the contacts must belong to in order to enter the workflow.



2. Select data source

In the "Start" node settings, select the data source (3) to choose whether the workflow will be activated for existing contacts, new contacts coming in after activation, or both.

The "All existing" option is selected by default, so only the contacts existing in Connectif at the time of workflow activation will be able to enter the workflow.


To include only contacts created after activation in the flow, select the "Only new ones" option.


To include both the existing Connectif contacts and those created after activation in the flow, select the option "Only new ones".




You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


Do you have questions?
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