Happy Birthday Email Workflow


In this case of use, we will learn how to create from scratch a workflow that will let us send a happy birthday email to our contacts on the appropriate date.

Case of use

For this case of use, we'll create a workflow with the following structure:



The contacts that will enter this workflow will be those which have their email address recorded on the platform. It applies for those already registered and also for those that will register after the workflow is activated. In both cases, every day, Connectif will check if the date is the same as the contact's birthday date. In that case, they will get a happy birthday email.


Node "Start"

This node establishes which contacts will be part of the workflow. In the "select limitation" section, we'll choose "Contacts with email", since having the email address is the most important part to make the workflow work. Furthermore, in the "data source" section we'll select "all existing and new" regarding the contacts, since the goal is to get both current contacts and future contacts to enter this workflow as part of the audience.



Node "Schedule"

This node is the one we'll utilize on a daily basis to check if the contact's birth date is on that same day. Also, we can control at which hour we want the system to check. In this case, we'll set it up for 8:00 am every day. We can also establish how many times do we want to check this, but we won't put a limit, so it keeps happening until the workflow is stopped.



Node "Check attribute"

In this part, we'll use the node "Check attribute" to ask if the contacts have their birthday in the same date as "today". If the response is affirmative, the next step will be to send out an email.



To make this effective, when we are in the configuration screen of the node, we have to drag and drop the contact date field "birthdate" to the left column. Likewise, you'll have to drag and drop the "today" field to the right column. That way, the node will ask if each contact's birthday is the same as today.


Node "Send email"

With this node, we'll send the emails to those contacts that made it through the previous nodes. There are a few phases to set it up:

The first one has to do with either choosing a previously created email or making a new one. In this workflow, we'll work with an email that looks like this:



In the second phase, named "configuration", we'll indicate the type of email. It can be transactional or newsletter, depends on the type of content that we'll be included. Another important section to set up is the one regarding "parameters". Aside from the subject, which is unique to every email, we can edit the origin name, origin email and response email to be the same in every node of this kind. You can do it from "Integrations > Email > Default Settings". Aside from that, if you work with Google Analytics, it's important to check the "Enable Google Analytics" option. That way, the visits to the site coming from the email will be registered under the specified UTM. 



In the third stage, you can do the mapping association of all the fields included in the email. Since it is a happy birthday email, the only field on the right will be the "name" one, and we'll assign it to the field "Name" from the "Contact" node. This way, the name of every contact will be shown according to the data base of Connectif:


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