Setting up web tracking with VTEX

The first step to integrating a Connectif account with VTEX Legacy is to configure web tracking using Google Tag Manager, which allows you to log the events that occur in your ecommerce site.

In this article, you'll learn how to set up Connectif web tracking in your VTEX store.


This article is part of the guide to integrating your eCommerce with VTEX Legacy. Learn all the steps here.


Before you begin: requirements


In order to set up web tracking, your VTEX store must be associated with a Google Tag Manager account. If your store already has an associated GTM account, you can continue with STEP 1. Otherwise, perform the following steps.

  1. Log in to your GTM account and copy your Google Tag Manager container ID from the account listing


  1. From the VTEX admin panel, go to "Checkout > Settings > Checkout".
  2. Enter the GTM container ID in the Google Tag Manager field.
  3. Click Save.



STEP 1. Download the Google Tag Manager import file

  1. Log in to your Connectif account and, go to Store Setings on the left-hand menu. In the E-commerce platforms section, look for VTEX and click Edit.

Integración con VTEX IO - 0-min (1).png

  1. Click the   Download JSON button to save the file to your computer.



STEP 2. Importing the file into the GTM workspace

  1. Go to the GTM Admin and select the   Import Container option.


  1. Select the file you downloaded in Connectif.
  2. Choose the workspace.
  3. Check (Merge > Overwrite conflicting tags, triggers and variables).



All Connectif tags, triggers and variables are prefixed with the word Connectif. This should ensure that importing it with the (Merge) option and overwriting conflicting items does not cause any loss of existing items.
We recommend the overwriting option, in order to update the GTM with any future versions of the file.

  1. Confirm and publish new changes to make them effective and have the settings saved.



STEP 3. Verifying tracking settings

  1. Browse your store.
  2. Go to your Connectif account, enter "Contactos > Ver todos" and access the details of the last contacts created.
  3. Verify that new contacts have been created with visited webpage activities.




Your web tracking in VTEX Legacy is ready.


Continue the integration of your VTEX store with Connectif to take full advantage of marketing automation by configuring web push notifications.


Keep learning!

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