Inline in product's page: recommended products

Goal and structure of the workflow

To show recommended products we'll use a "get products" node. It allows us to customize the recommendations for each contact depending on their activity on the site. You can also use other filters, like most popular products at the moment or cheapest in an specific category.

In this example, we'll show recommended products when a contact visits a product page. These products will be recommended, specifically, for that product. We'll do it by creating a workflow like the following one, in which the recommended products will be shown as an Inline:



  • Start: for all the list, both existing and new contacts, since we want everybody to see these recommendations.
  • On product visited: doesn't include any limitation, since we want every contact to see the products on the catalog.
  • Recommended products: it's a "get products" node. Here, we can choose two cases of use. For this workflow, we'll choose "automatically related to product" as main case of use and "most visited products" as additional.

That way, Connectif will show products that have a better chance of interesting those who visit the product's page. It all depends on the site's data and previous contact behavior. If, for example, contacts usually visit or click on a shirt after visiting pants, the shirt will appear as recommended when you visit the pants, and viceversa.

The additional case will complete the list in case there are not enough products recommended.

  • Send web content Inline: here, we'll select the template for the carousel that we'll show and the reference tag that we'll use to place the content in our site. If we want it to appear below a product's description and that description has a <div> tag with id=description, we'll set everything up like in the following image:



More details on content of the Inline type on this article.

Once this is done, the only step left is the one concerning the mappings. The information is received from the "get products" node, which generates the list. This information is associated to variables of the template to indicate which data from a product must be shown in a particular spot.



Final workflow experience

With all of this done, our Inline content should be ready to appear on our site. From now on, Connectif will gather data to ensure that there are recommendations that makes sense for the contacts to see in every product.

NOTE: the carousels will appear because of the products, not because of the pages! If you want to show an Inline in your home page, product category pages or any other, use the node "on page visit" instead of "on product visited". 

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