Subscribe contacts to newsletter and send welcome email

Goal and structure of the workflow

We're about to create a workflow to subscribe contacts to our newsletter. Our goal is to get their email, but we also want to confirm their newsletter subscription by sending a welcome email.

We'll also put in practice a technique known as doble opt-in: when a contact submits the subscription form, we'll send an email to confirm that subscription. If it's their address, that means they can receive emails before subscribing to our newsletter.

This is a good, recommended practice by the experts of email marketing, and the cornerstone for all your future campaigns focused on newsletter subscription. We can asure that, over time, it can make a difference when it comes to having a clean database that offers the best possible results. If not, you'll invest a lot of time and money sending campaigns to contacts that don't exist anymore, don't want to receive emails, etc. 

Our workflow will have three different parts:

  • What happens before the subscription: showing a popup with a subscription form for the newsletter. 
  • What happens once the form is sent: we'll send an email to confirm subscription. That way, we make sure that the email address actually exists, belongs to that contact and can receive emails. 
  • What happens after the subscription has been confirmed: a thank you popup will appear. At the same time, the contact's profile gets updated and a welcome email will be sent.

Because of that, we'll divide the workflow in three paths: one for each objective. This is how looks in our canvas:



Initial setting

We'll set the URL up to redirect after subscribing to the newsletter from an email. This is the only setting that has to be done outside the workflow and it's very important to do it correctly. It's possible that you've already done this. In that case, skip this step.

If you've never touch the URL to redirect after a newsletter subscription from an email, you must indicate to Connectif the page that you want the contacts to go after clicking in the confirmation email that will be sent when the contact submits the subscription form. You can do this in "Integrations > Email":



If we don't put anything, Connectif will show the contacts a default page. In this case, we want the contacts to go to our home page, and also, we want to show a message confirming that they are subscribed when they get there. For that reason, we'll add a parameter that allow us to easily detect the visits coming from the click in the email via an "on page visit" node.

The URL that we are going to use to set this up is:


Note: Remember to change "" with your actual address.


We've added a parameter at the end of the URL ("?subscription-confirmation") to distinguish the visits that come from the email and the ordinary visits to the home page. It's essential that you include a parameter in this URL, otherwise you run the risk of popups for this campaign appearing for everyone that visits your page. 


Click "save" so that the changes get registered:



We can create a popup with a subscription form.


Ask subscription via popup

When a contact visits our site, we'll check if they're a newsletter subscriber. In case they aren't, we'll show them a popup that contains a subscription form:



  • If the contact subscribes, they won't see the popup again, since they will be filtered out by the "subscribed to newsletter" node.
  • If the contact doesn't subscribe, the popup won't appear again for the next 15 days.

In our example, the nodes are set up like this:

  • Start: for all the contacts, both existing and new. We want those who are not subscribed to see the popup, doesn't matter if they have email or not.
  • On page visit: any page, no exceptions. You can also select an specific page.
  • Subscribed to newsletter?: it's a "check workflow value". You can see how to set it up from this workflow.
  • Send web content: we'll select a popup with it's own form inside. You have more information about the creation of popups here, and on forms here.



  • On web content open: we'll select the same popup that we just showed. The function of this node is to prevent the content from being shown again the next time a page is loaded. That's important, since we don't want the popup to appear every time a contact enters a page. So we'll create an external limitation for the node "on page visit" to deactivate during the next 15 days.



Send confirmation email

Once the popup has appeared, if the contact submitted the form, they will enter the second phase of the workflow. There are three objectives here, and each of them is achieved with a node: to show a message in a popup, to update the contact's profile, and to send and email for the contact to confirm the subscription:



  • On form submitted: select the previous popup with the form to make it specific.
  • Send web content: we'll show a new popup to tell the contact that they need to confirm their subscription in the email we just send. There's a base design in the workflow.



  • Establish name: it's a "check attribute" node. In it, we'll associate the name field from the form to the name of the profile. That way, when the contact writes their name on the form, it will also get to their profile. 

NOTE: the name that we want comes from the node "on form submitted", not from the "start" node!



  • Send email: we'll send the contact an email with a button link to confirm subscription. There's also a template for the email, but you can create your own. More information about the email editor here.



Confirm subscription and send welcome email

When the contact clicks in the confirmation email, they'll go to the URL that we added earlier in "Integrations > Email". Once there, we'll show them a new popup to tell them that the subscription has been done correctly. We'll also send a welcome email:



  • On page visit: we'll set this up for it to activate when the contact visits the URL that we used previously in "initial setting":



  • Send email: send a welcome email to the contacts:



  • Send web content popup: we'll show a popup to confirm the subscription.



Final workflow experience

With all that setup, we'll have a great workflow to subscribe contacts to the newsletter.

  • When they enter the site and are not subscribed, there will be a popup with a form ready. This popup will only appear once every 15 days. 
  • If they submit the form, we'll send an email to confirm the subscription and their profile name in Connectif will be updated.
  • If the subscription is confirmed, they will get a welcome email.

With this strategy, we'll not be invasive in our attempts to get the contacts to subscribe. Instead, we'll offer them a warm welcome with the email and the popup. From now on, it's time to create new campaigns and start to build loyalty.


NOTE: all the nodes in this workflow have notes for a better understanding of what's happening in each node. Check them when needed. 



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