Subscribe contacts to push notifications

You can import this workflow by creating a new workflow in Connectif and selecting the corresponding template.

Goal and structure of the workflow

Our goal here is to subscribe contacts to our push notifications.

We'll do it by showing a slide in content when the contact visits our site. How about showing a discount for the first purchase? The content will have a button that will activate the petition to subscribe in the upper part of our browser. When the contact subscribes, we'll send them a welcome notification, and within it, there'll be a discount code for the purchase.

This workflow has two distinct parts:

  • Show the slide in to ask for the contact's subscription.
  • When subscribed, send the welcome notification.



Ask for push notification subscription

  • Start: for all the contacts in our list, both existing and new.
  • On page visit: any page, no exclusions, unless you want to do it in your own way!
  • Send web content slide in: select the slide in created for the subscription purposes. More information on how to create slide in in this article.

NOTE: verify that the slide in will only appear to those who have not accepted or blocked push notifications before! If not, it could appear even if the contact is already subscribed.



  • On web content open: we'll use the limitations to indicate that the visit to the page deactivates for a day. That way, the slide in won't appear every time we enter a page or refresh.

After that, the contact will enter the second part of workflow.


On subscription, show notification

In doing this, we'll verify that the contact's subscription works well.

  • On push notification subscribed: we'll limit this node temporarily or permanently to not show the push over and over again.
  • Show push notification: we'll select the notification that we want to be seen.

NOTE: push notifications must be complete or compact, every browser will show a type. Set both up so you can maximize the chances of them being shown!


Final workflow experience

With that, we'll have managed to show a petition to subscribe to push notifications via slide in. After that, if the contact subscribes, Connectif will send a welcome push. That will be confirmation that the process worked.

From now on, we can impact our contact even if we don't have their emails. Thanks to that, they can be updated on what's going on in the site without needing to get in. It's time to get started!

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