Abandoned cart by email

Goal and structure of the workflow

This workflow is about getting back a cart that was previously abandoned and turn it into a purchase. For that, we'll send an email to the contact with the products that were left behind.

Since the email is clearly intended to generate a purchase, it must be a newsletter type, so only contacts with a subscription to that can be reach. The workflow will look like this:



  • Start: this workflow is for all the contacts with email, both existing and new.
  • On cart abandoned: we'll add a time limitation on this node. It can be a one day limitation. If we do it that way, we'll be ensuring that, even if the contact abandons various carts on the same day, they will only enter the workflow every 24 hours. That way, they can only receive one email a day.

NOTE: you can create different versions of this workflow by adding "get products" nodes and modifying your email so that it can add different recommendations based on the cart's products.

  • Subscribed to newsletter?: this node, a "check workflow value", checks if the field regarding the newsletter subscription status is on subscribed. In that case, the contact will advance to the next node. 
  • Send email: set it up to your taste and use the variables so that all the product's data get's shown in the email. If you use the template that comes by default, keep an eye on the URLs from the button on the upper part of the email and the products that appear. You have more information on the article about the email editor. Don't forget to select the newsletter type!



Final workflow experience

With that, we'll get to send emails to all of the newsletter subscribers that abandon carts, but just one each day if they abandon more than one during that period. Like that, we'll increase the chances of them going back to the site and completing the purchase. Having, at least, one workflow for abandoned carts is essential to any ecommerce. If you don't have one, it's time to get going!

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