Active data synchronization on your VTEX store

The VTEX integration with Connectif allows to synchronize the following data from your store in Connectif:

  • Contacts
  • Products
  • Purchases

Data for activation

To activate the VTEX integration in Connectif, you must go to "Integrations > Web > Vtex".



In this section of Connectif, we can fill the forms with the following data:

  • Shop domain
  • VTEX account
  • API Key
  • API Secret

This information can be found in VTEX in the following section of the store: "Admin > Accout Management > Account".



Synchronization process

After the activation process, you can plan the synchronization of the three areas: Contacts, Products y Purchases.


The contact synchronization is divided into two parts:

  • Synchronization of the contact's data
  • Synchronization of the newsletter subscription

Synchronization of the contact's data

The information regarding new contacts and modifications in already existing ones is shared with Connectif once per day.

In this process, the following fields will be updated:

  • email
  • name
  • surname
  • phone number
  • birth date


The first time that the integration is activated, there will be a synchronization of all contacts. After that, the only updates will be the ones mentioned before, regarding new contacts and modifications.

This process takes data from VTEX and stores it in Connectif.

Synchronization of the newsletter subscription

Every time there's a subscription or unsubscription via email, Connectif alerts your VTEX store in real time to update the status on that contact's "Newsletter" field.


This process takes data from Connectif and updates it In VTEX.



A general update on all the products happens every day. This mechanism allows Connectif to have the most updated version of the catalog for the workflows and the product recommendations.

This process reads data from VTEX and stores it in Connectif.


The VTEX integration deactivates the synchronization and web product verification, since it's done via API on VTEX.



The synchronization process regarding purchases works complementary to the web tracking of online purchases that takes place using Google Tag Manager.

The web tracking process is not 100% effective. It could be because the contacts don't wait for a page to be fully loaded or don't go to a purchase confirmation page. Because of that, this synchronization process registers all the purchases that were not registered in real time web tracking for some reason.

As it happens with contacts and purchases, this process also happens once every day, processing the orders from the last 24 hours.

This process takes data from VTEX and stores it in Connectif.


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