Weekly push with customized product

The push notifications are a complementary channel to the rest that enhances the communications that are carried out and helps to increase the conversion of the website. By automating this type of campaign to periodically send a product to subscribers, you can save time and maximize your profits.

In this article, you will learn how to create a weekly campaign with a personalized product.


Goal: Converson.
Level: Beginner.
When to use it?: In automated campaigns of notifications web push.



To send an automated push notification campaign with a product to contacts, we will set up a web push notification that will be sent once a week to those contacts subscribed to this channel.



Workflow configuration


Before setting up your workflow, create a push notification to send the product.

STEP 1. "Start" node.

(In this node, the audience that the action will be directed to will be established). .

1. Click on  (Edit node settings) for the “Start” node.

2. In Select limitation, check "All my list" and select "Contacts subscribed to push notifications".

3. In Select data source, check "All existing and new".

4. Click on  Update.



STEP 2. "Schedule” node

(In this node, contacts will be reintroduced into the workflow once a week has passed).

5. Click on  (Edit node settings) or the “Schedule” node.

6. Select the time at which you want it to repeat, in this case, "Weekly". Then, select "Every week" and the day of the week you prefer (for this example, "Wednesday".

7. In Select the moment of the day to launch the cycle, choose the time and the time zone. In this case, "9:00" and "Europe/Madrid".

8. Click on  Update.



STEP 3. First "Fetch products" node

(In this node, the last products visited by the contact will be obtained).

9. Click on  (Edit node settings) for the “Get products” node.

10. To select the use cases, drag "Last visited products" to the right-hand block. Click on Next  .

11. In Main use case settings, select "1" in Number of products to fetch.

12. Select "In the last time interval" and, in the “Days” field, type “7”.

13. Click on Next  .

14. In the Sumary section, locate the Number of products to fetch section and indicate “1”. Next, uncheck the “Fill with products until selected limit” box.

15. Click on Finish  .



If you want to learn more about "Fetch products" node, click on here.


STEP 4. Second "Fetch products" node

(In this node, the recommended product that will be sent in the push will be obtained).

16. Click on  (Edit node settings) for the “Fech products” node.

17. To select the use cases, drag "Automatically related to a list of products" to the right-hand block and "Most visited products" to the additional usa case. Click on Next  .

18. In Main use case settings, select "12" in Number of products to fetch.

19. In Select the source od the products, select "Get Last Visited Products".

20. In Configure the conditions to define a specific set of products, select "Sort by descending rating".

21. Check the "Shuffle the fetched products" box.

22. Click on Next  .

23. In Additional use case settings, select "12" in Number of products to fetch.

24. In Select the time period of the visits, select "Most visited in the last week" and check the "Shuffle the fetched products" box.

25. In Summary, select "1" in Number of products to fetch and check "Exclude the products exported by the nodes before this one" box. 

26. Click on Finish  .



STEP 5. “Show push notifications” node

(In this node, a push notification will be sent).

27. Haz clic en  (Edit node settings) for the “Show push notifications” node.

28. Select the web push you want to send and, in Select expiration date for push notification, choose "Time interval since node execution" and add "3" Days. Click on Next  .

29. In Mappings, click on Finish  .





Your workflow for sending an automated weekly campaign is ready.


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