Workflow folders

Workflow folders are a very useful resource for keeping your workflows organized. Learning to manage them will help you group and locate the workflows you’ve created in just a few seconds.


How do I access them?

You can access the workflow folders by clicking on “Workflows” on the left-hand menu.




Workflow folders can be displayed in two ways:

  1. Condensed: for a better overview of the workflow list.
  2. Expanded: to see the existing folders.

In this mode, you can expand folders that contain other folders inside them.




All the workflows created are automatically stored in the “Default folder”. Use the simple drag-and-drop system to organize them into your own folders.


Workflows that are saved in a new folder will disappear from the  “Default folder”.

You can see all of your unarranged workflows by clicking See all workflows.

1.Create a new folder

With the folders interface expanded, click   (Create folder), type the desired name and click Enter.

To create a folder inside one that already exists, click on the relevant folder and then  (Create folder).


You can have up to 300 active folders in your Connectif account.


We suggest two very simple ways to organize your workflows:

— By campaign and/or year.
For example: “2022 Campaigns” and, inside, “January sales 2022”, “Back to school 2022”, etc.

— By section, objective or target audience
For example: “Newsletters” and, inside it, “Newsletters B2B”, “Newsletters B2C”, etc.



2. Save one or more workflows in a folder

Hover the mouse at the top of the workflow you want to save until a shaded bar appears. When it appears, click and drag it to the chosen folder.

To save several workflows in a single folder at the same time, you first need to select the relevant workflows. There are two ways to do this:

  • Select the boxes in the gray area at the top of each flow.
  • Select all the workflows on a single page by clicking  (Select all) from the menu located above right.

Once selected, drag them from the shaded area of one of the workflows to the chosen folder.


If you go into the “Default folder” to make these moves, the existing folders will also appear at the top of the workflow list. To easily replicate your campaigns, we recommend duplicating your workflows after saving them in a folder.



3. Rename a folder

Change the name of an existing folder by hovering your mouse over the relevant folder and clicking  (Rename). Type in the desired name and click Enter.



4. Organize a folder

Save a folder inside another by clicking on the selected folder and dragging it into the one where you want to save it.

To remove a folder contained within another, click on it and drag it to the area below in white to take it to the first level.


You can store folders inside others up to three levels.



5. Remove a folder

Hover the mouse over the folder you want to delete, click  (Delete) and, to confirm its deletion, click the button  Delete in the pop-up window.


When you delete a folder, the workflows inside it will not be deleted, instead they’ll move to “Default folder”.


Deleting a folder cannot be undone, so we recommend that you avoid doing this unless absolutely sure.




You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


Do you have questions?
Don’t forget, our Connectif specialists are here to help you. To contact them, just open a Support ticket by clicking the blue “Help” button on your dashboard.


Keep learning!

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