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Google has published a series of changes it will implement in February 2024 to increase the protection for email users against spam and phishing. These requirements will entail a change to the Email area, which must include the option to unsubscribe with a single click in newsletter emails.

This article details the scope of this change and how it will affect Connectif and the sending of emails.


These changes are being supported by other major email managers such as AOL and Yahoo and other companies such as Microsoft or Apple, so they will probably become part of the new industry standard.


1. Properties

1.1. What does the one-click unsubscribe requirement mean for Connectif?

One of the main requirements is that all newsletter mailings must include a one-click unsubscribe option. This is a Google standard that must be applied in order to send emails. It has been adapted in Connectif to meet the requirements by including the "List-Unsubscribe" header in all Newsletter type emails.

  • From now on, the "List-Unsubscribe" header will be included in Newsletter emails created on the platform.
  • All newsletter emails will automatically include this header but transactional, system, or preview emails will not.
  • This header allows email clients that support the standard to include a button for the contact to unsubscribe without opening the mail.
  • This is an example of the headers to be included:


  • Adding this button or not will depend entirely on each mail client, so some clients may not display it.

1.2. When is the unsubscribe button displayed?

  • It is up to each mail client to decide whether to display the button or not.
  • In addition, the instances in which it is displayed will depend on the criteria of each email provider.

For example, Gmail advises that it will take into account the reputation of the domain among other factors to decide whether to show it or not, even to the point of showing the button to some email addresses and not to others.


2. How the header included in the emails works

By adding the "List-Unsubscribe" header you are allowing all mail clients that support this standard to easily Add the List-Unsubscribe button.

Display the button in a sent email

The following example shows how the unsubscribe button would look in Gmail:

Requisitos Gmail 2024 - 1-min.png

When you click on it, this confirmation popup will appear for the contact to confirm the unsubscription:

Requisitos Gmail 2024 - 2-min.png


There is no guarantee that the button will be displayed. As explained above, it will depend on the criteria of the email provider.

Disable feature in Connectif

Enabling this feature will be essential for Gmail not to block the sending of emails, therefore it is not possible to disable it in any way.




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