Adding Connectif JavaScript to your website


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Adding Connectif JavaScript to your website is the first step in creating a custom integration. Once you insert a piece of code, the platform will automatically start gathering information about the page visited. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to add Connectif JavaScript to your website.


Implementation time: 5 minutes.
Difficulty: Medium.
How to use it: As a first step in custom integrations using tags or JavaScript.


Connectif JavaScript is inserted automatically in module integrations (PrestashopWooCommerceShopifyMagento and VTEX). Adding it manually, following the steps indicated, is only necessary for custom integrations. 


STEP 1. Find the Connectif JavaScript

1. Access  "Integrations > Web > Configuration".


2. In the client integration Script section, click  Copy to clipboard. 



STEP 2. Add JavaScript to your website

3. Find the  "<body>" element in your site’s HTML.

4. Paste the content from the clipboard as the first piece of code within  "<body>".

5. Save the changes and publish your page.



The Connectif JavaScript has now been added to your website.

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