What is a segment?

Segment definition

In Connectif, a segment is a group of contacts organized by a series of common characteristics relating to their profiles or by a series of common activities.

Types of segments

There are two types of segments: static and dynamic. You can create both from "Contacts > Segments > Create new segment".

In the segments page, you can see which segments have already been created in that account, and you can filter them by type or searching their name:



The difference between the two types lies in how they add or exclude contacts from them. 
In dynamic segments, contacts are included or excluded automatically, keeping track of a series of conditions related to the contact and their fields.
In static segments, the contacts are included or excluded based on their activities within the workflows.

Static segments

When you create these segments, you can only name them and add a description. For the contacts to go in and out, it requires an explicit interaction via workflow, or a manual edit of the contact's fields. 



Once you add name and description, save and the segment will be ready for use.



To add a contact to a segment manually, you have to go to their profile page, select a segment and click "Add to Segment".



In the same place, you have the possibility to remove a contact from the segment by clicking the "Remove from segment" button.



You can also use workflows to make contacts enter or exit a segment based on a series of actions and conditions in your site. An example of this kind of workflow is one that checks if the contact has made any purchases.



Dynamic segments

These segments have conditions and filters that can be set up while creating them.
Once created, Connectif goes over the database and includes all the contacts that meet the requirements. Likewise, if a contact stops meeting those conditions, they will be outed from the segment.

It's important to clarify that a contact has to fulfill all the conditions to enter the segment.



Once it's set up and after saving, we can see the segment in the segments list.



You can differentiate between the two segments just on a visual level, since the dynamic segments have a green icon. These segments, unlike with the static ones, will add all the contacts that meet the requirements on the spot, just when the conditions are met.


Segment uses

Segment from the "Start" node

In the "Start" node, there is a possibility to select a limitation that narrows the audience of the whole workflow. One of the options is to choose one of the segments:



Once the segment is selected, the workflow will only use contacts that are part of it. You can choose both types of segments in this step.


Segment content sent

There are a series of nodes in the toolbox that are used to work with the segments. One of them is called "Is in Segment". This is a condition node, so that means that you can create different outcomes, positive or negative, depending on which contact goes through that node.



In this example, we start with all the contacts. Then, when they visit a page from the site, there are two possibilities. If they belong to the previously created segment for millenials, the system will send a popup with a rock album. If, on the contrary, they don't belong to that segment, the popup will be that of a jazz album.

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