Static segment

A static segment is a set of contacts that is generated via manual classifications. It’s a quick way to create personalized audiences for use in different strategies.    


1. Properties

  • Contacts enter or leave a static segment manually or via a workflow.

Unlike the dynamic segment and the dynamic plus, segment, a static segment is not configured by conditions.

  • Static segments allow users to be added in bulk by importing contacts.
  • In static segments, contacts can be grouped according to their behavior in a workflow.

For example: if the user searches for the product “desk”, which belongs to the category “office furniture”, they are added to the segment “Interested in office furniture”.


2. How it’s used in Connectif

Creating a static segment

  1. Log in to your Connectif account and go to the "Contacts > Segments" section.
  2. Click  Create new segment.


  1. Under Type, select Static segment.


  1. Set the Segment Name and, optionally, the Description.
  2. Click  Save.



Adding contacts to a static segment  


  1. Go to "Contacts > See all" and click  Import. 


  1. During the import process, choose to either import a CSV file with contact data or paste it directly into the interface.  
If some of the contacts in the CSV already exist in Connectif and you also want to add them to the segment during the import, you’ll need to check the Overwrite existing option.



Via a workflow

  1. Go to "Workflows" and click  Create new workflow.


  1. Connect a suitable node for your strategy to the "Home" node, so that when the contact performs a certain action they will be added to a segment.



In our example, contacts are added to the "When buying" node.

  1. Connect the "Add to segment" node and click the  (settings) button.



In our example, when a user makes a purchase they’re added to the desired segment.

  1. Select the static segment to which you want to add the contacts and click  Update to save the node settings.


  1. Save and activate the workflow so that your contacts start joining that static segment automatically.

Viewing contacts within a static segment

  1. Go to a "Contacts > Segments", click Edit on the desired segment and then View contacts.



You can also access the contact filters by clicking "Contacts > See all" and filtering the segment you want to check in the interface selector.

Exporting contacts from a segment

  1. Under "Contacts", click   Export.


  1. Choose the type of export (Contacts, in this case) and click  Next.


  1. Select the static segment from which you want to obtain contacts and click  Next.


  1. Filter the properties you want to include in the export and click  Next to continue the export process.


  1. Choose the output format for the data and click  Start export.


  1. On the summary screen, click  Go to export list to check the status of the export list.  


  1. Click the  (download) button to save the document, once the export is complete.




You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


Do you have questions?
Don’t forget, our Connectif specialists are here to help you. To contact them, just open a Support ticket by clicking the blue “Help” button on your dashboard.


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