Dormant contacts

Identify contacts who haven't made any purchases in the last 90 days and, for example, send them a personalized message with products to encourage their next purchase.

In this article, you'll learn how to segment customers who haven't purchased in the last 90 days.


This dynamic plus segment is part of our Instantly reactivating dormant shoppers template.

Remember that you can create your dynamic plus segment in "Contacts Segments", by clicking Create new segment and selecting "Dynamic plus segment".



In this segment we will group contacts who are subscribed to the newsletter and have not purchased in the last 90 days. 



Configuring a dynamic plus segment

STEP 1. Contacts included

FILTER 1. Contacts subscribed to the newsletter

1. Click "Select field or activity". When the dropdown opens, select the "Contact profile" group on the left and, in the fields on the right, choose "Newsletter subscription status”.

2. In the second dropdown, choose "Is equal to" and indicate "Subscribed" in the next dropdown that appears.

3. On the right, click "AND".



FILTER 2. Purchase date is within the last 30 days

4. Click "Select field or activity". When the dropdown opens, select the "Purchases" group on the left side and, in the Activities on the right, "Purchase activities”.

5. In the second dropdown, select "Are equal to “, and indicate a value of" 0”. 

6. In the third dropdown, select "In the last", and set "90" Days.





Your segmentation of contacts subscribed to the newsletter who haven't made a purchase in the last 90 days is now ready.


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