Bulk email campaign in batches

Newsletter campaigns are one of the best strategies to increase our eCommerce sales and traffic. By using them intelligently, we can design a campaign that delivers emails in phases and avoids saturating servers in the face of increased website traffic.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create a bulk email campaign in batches.


Objective: Loyalty.
Difficulty: Intermediate.
When to use it: When you want to send a batch email campaign.


This strategy is part of our pool of templates. To implement it in your account, access your Connectif account and go to “Workflows Create new workflow”. In the Create from template section, enter the name of the workflow in the search engine (Bulk email campaign in batches) then click Select and Create.


How it works

To produce the batches, we’ll create a Workflow that uses the Split node to divide the contact flow into the different branches. Each of these branches will be associated with a certain wait of time to phase the sending of that email. As a result, once in the branch, the workflow will wait until the indicated time before sending.

Campaña de email masiva por lotes.png


Workflow configuration


Before configuring your workflow, create the following elements:
— An email, to be sent in the batch campaign.

STEP 1. "Start" node

(This node will set the target audience for the action).

1. Click (Edit node settings) for the “Start” node.

2. Under Select limitation, check "All my list" and select "Contacts with email".

3. Under Select data source, check “All existing”.

4. Click Update.

Campaña de email masiva por lotes inicio.png


STEP 2. "Split" node

(This node will choose the branch through which the contact will pass by probability.)

5. Click (Edit node settings) for the "Split" node.

6. Configure the percentages of the branch, if you want to modify them.

7. Click Update.

Campaña de email masiva por lotes split.png


If you want to learn more about the "Split" node, click here.


STEP 3. "Wait" node

(This node will initiate a waiting period before continuing the workflow, except for the first branch.)

8. Click (Edit node settings) for the “Wait” node.

9. Under Set the time delay, select "A period of time" and enter "30" Minutes.

10. Click Update.

Campaña de email masiva por lotes esperar.png


STEP 4. “Send email” node

(This node will send the corresponding email to each of the branches after waiting.)

11. Click (Edit node settings) in the “Send email” node.

12. Select the email you want to send and click Next .

13. In the Send to section, select "Contact".

14. Indicate the "Newsletter" type of email.

15. Configure the parameters section of "Send to contact".

16. Under Google Analytics, click "Enable Google Analytics" then Next .

17. In the Variables step, link any variables there may be.

18. Click Complete .

Campaña de email masiva por lotes enviar email.png


To finish configuring the workflow, repeat steps 3 and 4 to add the branches you need for the test.




Your workflow for sending bulk email in batches is now ready.


Do you have questions?
Don’t forget, our Connectif specialists are here to help you. To contact them, just open a Support ticket by clicking the blue “Help” button on your dashboard.


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