Use case of integration with Oct8ne: segmentation with tags

Take advantage of the information obtained in Oct8ne by saving it in Connectif to use later in your customer segmentation and communication strategies. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to add an Oct8ne tag for segmentation.


Objective: Segmentation.
Difficulty: Beginner.
When to use it: Anytime.



This strategy is not in our pool of templates because in order to implement it, you’ll first need to have created the integration with Oct8ne to have the trigger node ready in your account.


How it works

In order to segment based on the tag, you’ll need to create a custom inbound data integration. In this case, an inbound event for a positive rating that you can find in the article Integration with Oct8ne. Subsequently, create a workflow with the trigger node resulting from the integration that adds a segment to the client if the tag exists once the data is received in Connectif.

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Workflow configuration


Before configuring your workflow, create the following elements:
- An inbound data event, to receive the tag.
- A static segment, for adding the contacts that trigger the event with the corresponding tag.

STEP 1. "Start" node

(This node will set the target audience for the action).

1. Click (Edit node settings) for the “Start” node.

2. Under Select limitation, check "All my list" and select "All my list".

3. Under Select data source, check “All existing”.

4. Click Update.

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STEP 2. "Trigger" node

(This node will detect the activation of the inbound data event).

5. Click on (Edit node configuration) of the "Trigger" node.

6. Under Limitations, uncheck the "Deactivate after triggering" box.

7. Click Update.

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STEP 3. “Check value” node

(This node will identify if the tag sent corresponds to the one we want to identify).

8. Click (Edit node settings) of the “Check value” node.

9. Drag the "Tag" field of the "Trigger" to the left block.

10. Under Operator, select "Is equal to".

11. Drag the "Literal" field to the right block and indicate the tag to check.

12. Click Update.

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If you want to learn more about the "Check value" node, click here.


STEP 4. “Add to segment” node

(This node will add the contacts to the created segment).

13. At the junction of this node with the previous one, click on the circle until "Yes" appears.

14. Click (Edit node settings) in the "Add to segment" node.

15. Under Select a segment, choose the segment to add the contact to.

16. Click Update.

Etiqueta añadida de Oct8ne añadir a segmento-min.png




Your workflow for adding an Oct8ne tag for segmentation is now ready.


Do you have questions?
Don’t forget, our Connectif specialists are here to help you. To contact them, just open a Support ticket by clicking the blue “Help” button on your dashboard.


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