Content sharing

Content sharing is the function that allows you to quickly and easily share content created in Connectif between the Stores of the same Organization to which you have access. This action is available in the different Connectif content editors (Email, Web content, Push Notifications and SMS). 


1. Properties

1.1. General

  • The Content sharing function is available on all content created in Connectif, i.e. for Email, all Web content, Push Notifications and SMS created in their respective editors.
  • The option is available to share content between Stores of the same Organization to which a Member has access.

If you want to know more about how the multi-store system works and the hierarchy of Organizations, Stores and Members, take a look at this article


1.2. When sharing content

  • When you save content from the Editor, any changes that have been made will be conserved in all Stores.
  • You cannot undo the action of sharing content.


1.3. When you stop sharing content

  • When you stop sharing content, it is not deleted from the Store from which it was shared. The user will have to delete it manually.
  • If content is shared again after you stop sharing it, new content will be created in the Store where it is shared. In other words, the same content that was shared the first time will not be overwritten.


2. How to use it in Connectif

Share content for the first time

1. Go to the content you want to translate and click More and then Edit.

Compartir contenido - 01-min.png

2. Click Share.

Compartir contenido - 2-min.png

3. In the left-hand submenu, under Add stores, click on the Store or Stores where you want to share the content.

Compartir contenido - 3-min.png


When you add a new Store to share, it will be generated in a preview version, exactly the same as the Store you are working on (the Store that appears first in the Shared with section).

4. Once the content has been shared, a confirmation message will appear in the editor and you can edit the content of each store by selecting it.

Compartir contenido - 4-min.png

5. When you have the content of your stores ready, click Save. 

Compartir contenido - 5-min.png

6. The Stores where you are going to save the content will be shown in the pop-up window. Click Accept.

Compartir contenido - 6-min.png


At this point the content will be created in the selected stores. You can continue editing and saving content if you wish.


Propagate changes to overwrite shared content


The changes you make to the content of each Store are not automatically synchronized in the rest of the stores, this way you can have content with different blocks or components (such as images, texts, etc.) in each Store. If you want to copy the changes made in one store to the rest, you can use the Copy to other stores option, which you can find in the menu of each Store.

1. In the Shared with section, click the options button ( ) of the Store from which you want to copy:

Compartir contenido - 8-min.png

2. Click  Copy to other stores.

Compartir contenido - 9-min.png

3. Select the Stores where you want to propagate the changes, or the Apply to all stores option to copy the content to all stores in the list and click Accept.


This action will overwrite the current content of the selected Stores.

Compartir contenido - 10-min.png


Stop sharing content

To stop sharing content in any of your Stores:

1. In the Shared with section, click the options button ( ) of the Store from which you want to select the content (this option is not available in the main store, since you cannot stop sharing the content in the store where you are logged in):

Compartir contenido - 11-min.png

2. Click Stop sharing content with this store.

Compartir contenido - 12-min.png

3. Click Acceptto confirm this action.


This action will stop sharing this content and you will no longer see it in the bar (as a result, nor will you be able to edit it from here), but it will not delete it from the Store. If you want to delete the content, you must enter the corresponding store and delete it manually.

Compartir contenido - 13-min.png


If you reshare the content by adding the Store back to the Shared with section, new content will be created.



You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


Do you have questions?
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