Identifying abandoned carts in Connectif


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A cart is registered as abandoned when a certain amount of time passes and the contact doesn't interact with the it. By default, Connectif marks a cart as abandoned when there is no activity within 30 minutes.

Carts have different status:

  • Bought: when there is a purchase associated with a particular cart.
  • Abandoned: when the amount of time indicated has passed and there is a low chance that the cart is still active.
  • Active: when the cart is neither purchased nor abandoned. The status applies during the timeframe in which is likely to add or remove products from the cart.

When a contact starts to add products to their cart, it becomes "active" and will continue to be one until it is "abandoned" or the products are purchased.

You can check and change how much time it is necessary to consider a cart abandoned from "Integrations > E-commerce":





If, within the estimated time, the contact has not interacted with the cart, it will automatically change to the "abandoned" status, at least until the contact interacts with it again. If this were to happen, the cart's status will change to "active" again.

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