Identifying abandoned carts in Connectif


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Abandoned cart identification is a process through which Connectif detects when a customer adds products to their cart but does not complete the purchase or take any action on the cart within a specified period (by default, 30 minutes).

This information is collected in real time and can be used to create purchase recovery strategies, such as sending automatic reminders to the customer to encourage them to complete their purchase and improve the conversion rate.

Additionally, you can change the time set for Connectif to mark a cart as Abandoned in your Store.


1. Properties

  • Carts have several states in Connectif:
    • Purchased: when a purchase associated with the cart has been registered.
    • Abandoned: when it has been inactive for so long that the probability of it being active is very low.
    • Active: it is considered active as long as it is neither purchased nor abandoned. During this time, the probability of adding or removing products from it is high.
  • When a person starts adding products to a cart, it becomes Active and will remain so until it becomes Abandoned or Purchased.
  • A cart is marked as Abandoned when it has been inactive for a certain period. By default, Connectif marks a cart as abandoned after 30 minutes of inactivity.


2. How is it used in Connectif?

a. Review and configure abandoned cart detection in your eCommerce

To configure abandoned cart detection in Connectif, follow these steps:

1. Go to Store Settings in the left side menu of Connectif.

2. In the General Settings section, click on E-commerce.

Abandoned Cart Identification - 1-min.png

3. On this screen, in the Cart area, you can check and/or modify the inactivity time for a cart in your eCommerce before Connectif marks it as Abandoned.


The inactivity time can be set in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. If the time set in your Store elapses without any modification to the cart (adding products, removing them from the cart, or completing the purchase), the cart will be marked as Abandoned until the contact acts on it again, in which case it will become Active again. 

Abandoned Cart Identification - 2-min.png



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