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The "Contact has searched" tag is a piece of HTML code used to indicate that a search has been performed and to identify which terms have been used.


This article is part of the guide to creating a custom integration.
If your integration is via a module, this tag will be added to your ecommerce platform automatically.


What is this tag and where is it used?

The “cn_search tag must be inserted on all search results pages.



This tag contains the "search_text" property and must be defined inside the "cn_search" tag as a child tag, indicating the name of the property in the "class" attribute.

The property to include in the label is:

Name Required Type Multiple Description
search_text Yes string No The text string used in the search.



Once included, the tag will look like this:

<div class="cn_search" style="display:none">
<span class="search_text">Texto de búsqueda</span>



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