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The custom event is used to create adapted notifications between your ecommerce and Connectif. To do this, it reports Custom Integration events via JavaScript to receive data in Connectif, using the connectif.managed.sendEvents function.


This article is part of the guide to creating a custom integration.


How to use it

The custom integration event report uses the entityInfo option in the sendEvents method to enrich the information about the sent events.

In addition, it will contain the type field with the literal value "custom", and there will be an eventId field with the event identifier in the custom integration. In the payload se encontrarán, field you will find, if any, the fields of the integration event.



For a custom integration for receiving data, which is sent when a user Likes a product, which includes the fields email, productId in the payload and an eventId.


The notification will look like this:

            type: 'custom',
            eventId: '635feb9a4168beeaf0ae6a46',
            payload: {
                email: '',
                productId: 1234,
, { entityInfo, cart });



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