What is and how to use a segment?


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A segment is a set of contacts grouped according to specific criteria that allow you to organize and personalize your marketing campaigns.

Using segments in Connectif allows you to target specific groups of contacts with relevant messages and offers, thereby improving the effectiveness of your campaigns.


1. Properties

In Connectif, there are three types of segments you can use depending on your needs:

  • Static Segment: A set of contacts that is manually defined in the segment itself or through workflows created for this purpose, and does not change unless updated manually. Ideal for fixed lists such as newsletter subscribers.
  • Dynamic Segment: A set of contacts that automatically updates based on the conditions specified at the time of its creation. Perfect for audiences that need to meet certain behaviors or attributes in real-time.
  • Dynamic Plus Segment: A more precise set of contacts, as it allows filtering not only by contact fields but also by activities and their metrics. Additionally, it has more operators and filtering options that allow you to personalize your campaigns and optimize results quickly and easily.


2. How to Use Segments in Connectif?

a. Creating a Segment

1. Go to "Contacts > Segments" in the Connectif menu.

2. Click on  Create new segment.

3. Select the type of Segment (Static, Dynamic, or Dynamic Plus) and click on Go to segment editor.

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4. In the Segment editor, define the characteristics that will determine the segment.


Depending on the type of Segment chosen, you will access a different configuration screen.

5. Click on  Save to save the changes and create the segment. From that moment on, it will be available for use in your Workflows.


b. Editing an Existing Segment

1. Go to "Contacts > Segments" in the Connectif menu.

2. Locate the segment you want to edit and click on Edit.

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3. Modify the conditions as needed.

4. Save the changes so the segment updates with the new conditions.


c. View Contacts, View Uses, Analytics, and Export Contacts from a Segment

1. Go to "Contacts > Segments" in the Connectif menu.

2. Locate the segment you want to edit and click on More  .

3. Depending on your goal, click on:

  • View contacts, to see the contacts that are part of the segment.
  • Analytics, to review the segment's statistics.
  • Export segment to Facebook, to export the contacts of the segment to a Facebook audience.
  • View uses, to see which workflows the segment is being used in.
  • Delete, to remove a segment (but the contacts belonging to it will not be deleted).

What is a segment and how to use it - 3-min.png


d. Using Segments in Strategies

You can use Segments to create groups of contacts to target with hyper-segmented strategies through different workflows. 

With Connectif, the possibilities are limitless. If you need information or examples of segments or segmented strategies, you can review the Workflow Templates available in your account or the Segmentation Use Cases in our Help Center.



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