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A product segment is a set of ecommerce items that Connectif generates automatically, based on conditions indicated by the user. It allows you to have groups of products available in real time for use in different strategies.


1. Properties

  • Product segments are created based on one or more characteristics you want to work with. Items will only be included in the segment if they meet all the criteria. For example: the brand, price above a certain amount, the name, etc.

Remember that the product must fulfil all the conditions to be included in the segment.

  • Connectif continuously evaluates the product catalog in real time for inclusion in the segment.
    • If an item meets all the established conditions, it will belong to the segment.
    • If an item no longer fulfils one of the conditions, it will be removed from the segment.

Product segments work in a similar way to dynamic segments, automatically grouping all those items that meet the conditions established in their configuration without requiring an additional workflow.

  • Product segments are always active and up to date, allowing you to sustain long-term strategies consistently and effectively.


2. How it’s used in Connectif

Creating a product segment

  1. Go to "Ecommerce > Product segments" and click   Create new segment.
  2. Under Name, give your segment a title to identify it.
  3. (Optional) Under Description, add an additional explanation about your product set.
  4. In the shaded area below, establish the conditions by which Connectif should determine the products that should belong (or not) to the group. You can add as many filters as you like, remembering that the product must fulfil all of these to be included in the segment.
  5. Click  Save.



In the example, a segment is created with products that have a unit price of more than 100 euros.

Editing an existing product segment

  1. Under "Ecommerce > Product segments", locate the segment you want to modify and click Edit.
  2. Make any edits you wish.
  3. Click  Save.


Viewing the items and uses of an existing segment

    1. Under "Ecommerce > Product segments", locate the segment you want to view and click More.
  1. Depending on your objective, click:
    • See products, to check the articles that are part of the segment
    • See uses, to check which workflows the segment is being used in.


Delete a product segment

    1. In "Ecommerce > Product segments", locate the segment you want to delete then click More and Delete.

This option will delete the product segment but not the catalog items in Connectif.




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