Product synchronization and verification


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The Connectif catalog automatically and securely syncs and verifies your products to keep them up to date and provide you with recommendations, purchase and cart details, and to display products and their properties in the content used in your strategies. 


How do you sync and verify your Connectif catalog?

The process of synchronizing and verifying your ecommerce catalog in Connectif happens automatically, but you need to take a few previous steps for this to happen. 


1. Catalog synchronization

Connectif manages and syncs a copy of your product catalog automatically. This information about product details (price, brand, categories, etc.) is transferred from the website to the tool via the "cn_product_visited" tag that is rendered with every visit to a product URL.


This product information is marked as Unverified. In this first phase, the product will not be available to use in any functionality until the data is verified.


2. Product verification

Connectif carries out the verification of the catalog by communicating directly with the website. In this step, Connectif programmatically asks the website to resubmit the product information, to ensure that the product exists and thereby also update its availability status (In StockOut of StockDiscontinued). If the product is available for purchase, it will also be available for recommendations in Connectif.

There are two methods for verifying products:

  • Verify product now, by clicking the "Verify product now" option found in the product sheet


  • Massive product synchronization, periodically checking the website for product updates in real time.

This method is activated "E-commerce > Catalog", by clicking the "Massive product synchronization".



Our example shows how you can turn bulk sync on or off, choose the recurrence of bulk sync, and the start time.



We recommend performing the synchronization outside of your website’s peak activity hours, as the larger the catalog, the longer it will take to complete.  


3. Products via Connectif API 

In addition to the above synchronization and verification methods, you can also import and update products by making calls to the Connectif API. This requires you to create a new API key.


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