Events that use up your Activity allowance


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Events tell Connectif about what is happening in the ecommerce. Events that use up your activity allowance in the platform are events which, when they are triggered and the information they generate is collected, deduct activities from the monthly total available in your account.


If your Connectif integration is via modules, these events are already logged automatically. For information on automatic integration with the most commonly-used platforms, click here.

If you have a custom integration and want to learn how to create the different events, click here.


1. Properties


Not all events recorded in Connectif consume activities.

  • The complete list of events that use your activity allowance in Connectif is as follows:

    • entity-created: contact created in Connectif.

    • entity-identified: identified contact (identified by email).

    • entity-entered-segment: contact enters segment.

    • entity-exited-segment: contact exits segment.

    • entity-merged: merger of contacts.

    • login: contact logs in to the page.

    • register: contact registers on the page.

    • search: contact performs a search on the page.

    • web-page-visited: visited page.
    • web-content-opened: web content opened.

    • web-content-clicked: web content clicked
    • web-link-clicked: click on custom link.

    • web-form-submitted: form submitted.
    • newsletter-subscribe: newsletter subscription completed.

    • product-visited: product visited.

    • product-searched: product search performed.

    • cart-product-added: product added to cart.

    • cart-product-removed: product removed from cart.

    • cart-abandoned: abandoned cart.
    • purchase: purchase completed.
    • email-sent-alert: email alert sent.
    • email-opened: open email.
    • email-link-clicked: click on email link.
    • email-sent-with-error: email sending failed.
    • email-bounce: email bounce.
    • email-unsubscribed: unsubscribe to newsletter via link in an email.
    • push-notification-subscribed: subscription to web push notifications complete.

    • push-notification-unsubscribed: cancellation of web push notifications.

    • push-notification-migrate-subscription: web push notification subscription migrated to another contact.
    • push-notification-opened: web push notification opened.

    • push-notification-link-clicked: click on web push notification link.

    • push-notification-error: push failed.

    • sms-sent: sms (transactional or newsletter) sent.

    • sms-sent-alert: alert SMS sent.

    • sms-bounce: bounced SMS.

    • facebook-contact-sent: contact sent to a Facebook audience via export.

    • contact-added-to-gads-audience: contact added to a Google Ads audience.
    • custom-event: custom event collected (receive data type).
    • execute-webhook: custom event dispatched (send data type).


2. How to use it in Connectif

Checking your used and remaining activities

1. Go to "Home" to view your Dashboard.

2. Under Activities from... [Activities from (monthly cycle start date)], check the activity consumption.

Eventos que consumen actividades 01.png


The percentage rate represents the proportion of activities consumed over the monthly total.
The absolute numerical values at the bottom of the usage graph show the count of total activities consumed in the current month with respect to the total available.


The number of contracted activities is reset each monthly billing cycle.

3. Check that the consumption forecast does not exceed the total available for the current month.

Eventos que consumen actividades - 2.png


If the projected average daily consumption exceeds the total contracted activities, a warning will appear with the estimated time to reach the maximum monthly consumption.


You can upgrade your plan via "Your Connectif account > Your subscription".


Checking activities consumed in real time

1. Go to "Home" to view your Dashboard.

2. In Right now you can view the events that are happening currently in your ecommerce.

Eventos que consumen actividades - 3.png


Checking activities consumed according to content

1. Go to "Home" to view your Dashboard.

2. In Content statistics, check the origin of the most commonly-consumed events that are generated by different types of content.

Eventos que consumen actividades - 4.png


The graphs in this section show the events generated by the different content types (web content, email, web push notification and SMS). Each graph relates to a specific type of event.

The Content sends graph shows events of the send type (sent).
The Content opens graph shows events of the opened type.
The Content clicks graph shows clicked events.



You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


Do you have questions?
Don’t forget, our Connectif specialists are here to help you. To contact them, just open a Support ticket by clicking the blue “Help” button on your dashboard.


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