The Connectif welcome panel

The Connectif Dashboard is the welcome screen, where all the activities and operations are brought together. Here you’ll find a snapshot of your account’s performance in real time.


This article refers to the Connectif Dashboard, where you can find a quick summary of metrics. If you’re looking for information about Analytics Dashboards, where you can filter all the insights to generate reports, you can find it in this article.


How to access it

You can access your Dashboard through your account’s Home button.




The Dashboard's main interface is made up of seven blocks:

  1. Purchase attributions: to review the summary of purchases made in the store in the last 30 days.
  2. Top performance: to review the ranking of the best-performing workflows and content in the last 30 days.
  3. Contact status: an overview of contacts who have visited the website.
  4. Workflows status: an overview of the workflows used in the store.
  5. Content clicks: to review the comparative performance of different content types over the past 30 days.  
  6. Activities: a summary of activities of the most recent period and how many are left until the end of the period.
  7. Right now: a real-time view of the actions that contacts are performing and are being registered in Connectif.



How it works

The Connectif Dashboard presents a range of data that provides you with an overview of your account performance, purchases, workflows, content and contacts.

When you first start using the account, the Dashboard will contain almost no data, but as you use it, more and more information will become available.


1. Data review

Access the Dashboard screen to visualize the main metrics of your Connectif account in an agile way.


Purchase attributions

In Purchase attributions (1) you’ll find a summary of the purchases made on your page during the last 30 days.

  • Total sales: total number of sales and the amount of revenue generated by them. 
  • Workflow attributions: Number and percentage of sales and revenue that are attributed to Connectif flows that have reached contacts. 

You can also access the Connectif Purchases area by clicking See all purchases.


Find out about purchase attributions and how they work in Connectif in this article.


Top performance

In Top performance (2) you’ll find a categorized list with the best performing content and workflows in the last 30 days.

You can also access these by clicking on any of the content or workflows.


Contact status

Under Contacts status (3) you’ll find an overview of the number of contacts who have visited your page. These are broken down by:

  • Total contacts: total contacts that have visited the website, without differentiating between known and anonymous.
  • Known: contacts with registered email.
  • Anonymous: contacts that only have one tracker associated with them.

You can also access the Connectif Contacts area by clicking Go to contacts.


Workflow status

In Workflow status (4) you’ll find an overview of your use of workflows. Three categories are set:

  • Active: workflows that have been created and are currently running.
  • Paused: workflows that have been active but have been stopped manually.
  • Draft: workflows that are in the process of being created and have not yet been activated.

You can also click Go to list of workflows to access the Connectif Workflows area.


Content statistics

Under Content statistics (5) you’ll find statistics on the different types of content managed through Connectif for the last 30 days. There are three types of metrics:

  • Content sends: the number of pieces of content that have been sent to contacts in the last month.
  • Content opens: number of times the content sent has been opened.
  • Content clicks: number of times the content sent has been interacted with.



Under Activities (6) you’ll find the number of activities and emails available until the next period. If the limit is exceeded, a warning will appear at the bottom of the section.


See what kind of events use up activities in your Connectif account in this article


Right now

Under Right now (7) you’ll find the actions that contacts are performing and that Connectif is registering in real time.

You can also click Go to contact in any of them to access the corresponding contact file.


Actions that require interaction by the user are shown, such as adding a product to a cart. Therefore, page visits do not appear in this section.




You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


Do you have questions? 
Don’t forget, our Connectif specialists are here to help you. To contact them, just open a Support ticket by clicking the blue “Help” button on your dashboard.


Keep learning!

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