Activating data synchronization with VTEX Legacy


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The third step in integrating your VTEX Legacy account with Connectif is to synchronize your contacts, your product catalog and the purchases made in your store.

In this article, you'll learn how to share information between your eCommerce site and Connectif

Implementation time: 20 min.
Difficulty: Medium (knowledge of Google Tag Manager is required).
When to use it: When you open your Connectif account.


STEP 1. Data preparation

  1. Go to Store Settings in the left side menu. In the eCommerce Platforms section, search for VTEX and click Edit.

Integración con VTEX IO - 0-min (1).png

  1. Under Settings, select VTEX Legacy.


  1. Fill out the form with the Store domain, VTEX account, API key and Secret key data. 



The API Key and Secret Key can be found in VTEX, in the administration section of the store. Access them via "Account Settings > Account Settings > Account".



STEP 2. Synchronizing contact, product, and purchase information

a. Contacts

(This section explains how to synchronize contact information and newsletter subscriptions. This process is automatic.)

4. No action is required to configure the contact details. The following are updated in the process:

  • Email
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Phone Number
  • Date of birth

The first time you activate the integration, a global synchronization of all contacts is performed. Afterwards, only new contacts or contacts modified since the last sync are updated.

  1. You don’t need to perform any action to sync newsletter registrations and cancellations.

Every time a contact unsubscribes or signs up for an email newsletter, Connectif notifies your VTEX store in real time to update the value of the contact's "Newsletter" checkbox.

b. Products

(This point explains how to synchronize the product catalog. This process is automatic.)

  1. There’s no need to do anything in this section. A global update of the product catalog is performed once a day. 

The VTEX integration disables web synchronization and verification of products as this is done through VTEX APIs.

c. Purchases

(This area explains how to synchronize purchases. This process is automatic and complementary to the web purchase tracking that is carried out using the information in the Google Tag Manager tags.)

  1. No action is required to synchronize purchases. Orders from the previous 24 hours are processed once a day.

This process reports all the purchases that, for any reason, could not be logged via real-time web tracking.



Data is now synchronized between your VTEX Legacy store and Connectif.


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