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We strongly recommend creating a test segment to see first-hand how a workflow behaves before executing it for your whole audience.

Test segments are static segments whose purpose is to add people who want to test the behavior of a workflow. As a result, the creation process is identical to this one.


Add contacts to the test segment

To add a contact to your test segment, go to the Contacts > View all > Actions > Details area in the tool:




When you click on "Details" you will be in the contact's profile. As you scroll down, you’ll have the option to add the selected contact to your test segment:





You’ll need to repeat the inclusion process for each contact you want to add to the segment.


Selection of test segment in a workflow

We select the test segment as an audience in a workflow by editing the "Start" node configuration.




Final steps

Once we have verified that the workflow behaves as we want, we can duplicate it and modify the "Start" node to include the desired audience.




Finally, we need to modifiy the audience of the "Home" node again to activate the workflow for our entire audience:




Activating our workflows for a test segment allows us to test them in the real world, detect potential errors and check that everything works as we want it to. In addition, it helps us ensure that the content will be displayed correctly.

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