Custom integration for sending data from Connectif


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You can send information from Connectif to an external system or application. Using a custom integration, you'll be able to synchronize existing data in Connectif with other platforms.

In this article, you'll learn how to create a customized integration to send data from Connectif.


Implementation time: 15 minutes.
Difficulty: Medium
When to use it: When you need to send data from Connectif to external systems or applications.


To create this type of integration, you’ll need an expert with programming knowledge.


STEP 1 - Creating the custom integration


If you’re working with an ERP, we recommend following these steps to synchronize contacts’ data in Connectif when they submit a form.

1. Go to "Integrations > Custom" and click  Create new integration.


2. Set the "Integration name" field to identify the integration.

3. (Optional) Customize the color, add a description, or categorize the integration.


4. Click  Update.


STEP 2 - Setting up the “Send Data” event

(This section shows how to configure the fields that will be shared with the external platform).

5. In the Send data, tab, click  Create new outbound event.


6. Click   Add a new field to create a custom field and fill in the required fields in the block on the right.


To learn more about custom fields, click here.


It’s important that the email field is of the email type and is marked Is required and Is primary key, since it will be used to identify the contact.

7. Repeat the action indicated in the previous point as many times as data you want to receive.


8. In "Webhook URL for sending JSON payloads", paste the link to the webhook generated in the external system or application that will receive the data from Connectif.


A webhook is a method that waits for an event to occur, in this case in Connectif, and responds by transferring the data to another application or system using an HTTP call.

9. Click  Save, then on the confirmation screen click  Back To List Events.



STEP 3 - Sending data from Connectif

(This section explains how to send data from Connectif through a workflow).

10. From the left side menu, access the “Workflows”, click  Create new workflow and select Create blank workflow.

11. Create the structure of your workflow with a trigger type node, for example "On Form Submitted", “, and the action type node "Action [name of your integration]”. 


12. In the "On Form Submitted", node, click  (Edit node settings).

13. On the Data, tab, check that the data collected by the node "On Form Submitted", is appropriate.



The form should collect all the fields that are expected to be sent to the external system and whose data types match.

However, the identifiers of the fields do not need to be the same, as the relationship between them will be established in point 16.

14. Click  Back to workflow.

15. Under the "Action [name of your integration]”, node, click  (Edit node settings).

16. Connect the variables to assign the information that the form collects to the corresponding fields in the custom integration.



If you want to learn more about variables, click here.

17. Click on  Update.

18. In the workflow, click  Save to save your changes and  Start to activate it.



Your custom integration for sending data from Connectif is now ready..


Do you have questions?
Don’t forget, our Connectif specialists are here to help you. To contact them, just open a Support ticket by clicking the blue “Help” button on your dashboard.

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