Custom integration via server-rendered tags


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Integration via server-rendered tags is the most agile custom integration option with Connectif. It consists of adding hidden HTML tags that are generated in the website’s HTML and, once they are loaded, Connectif's JavaScript will automatically collect the information and send it to your account. 


To create this type of integration, you’ll need an expert with programming knowledge.


How to integrate Connectif using server-rendered tags

Through this integration you will be able to configure the sending of information about what happens on your website, as well as synchronize contacts, visited pages, products, purchases, carts, etc.

1. Add Connectif JavaScript

Configure the Connectif JavaScript on the web to load on all pages and integrate via events.

2. Adding HTML Tags

To synchronize all the information, these are the tags that will need to be added and where:

1. On all pages:

2. On product category pages:

3. On product detail pages:


It is very important that the "Contact has visited a product" tag is always rendered, as the product checker needs it to verify that the product is correct and to update any changes. This tag will be responsible for synchronizing the product catalog.

4. On search result pages:

5. On the purchase pages (checkout success):

6. On the pages where the event occurs:

3. Configure Web Push notifications

To complete the integration, configure the Service Worker that allows you to receive Web Push subscriptions and send notifications to your contacts.

4. Validate the integration

Once you’ve implemented the sending of information to Connectif, the next step is to confirm that the integration has been carried out correctly.



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