Subscribers who purchased in HS 2023

Identify contacts who purchased during the Hot Sale period in order to build their loyalty, for example with a discount coupon as a thank you for their purchase.

In this article you’ll learn how to segment Hot Sale shoppers.


This dynamic plus segment is part of our Hot Sale shopper coupon template.

Remember that you can create your dynamic plus segment in "Contacts Segments", by clicking Create new segment and selecting "Dynamic plus segment".



This segment groups contacts who have made a purchase during the Hot Sale period and are subscribed to the newsletter. 



Configuring a dynamic plus segment

STEP 1. Contacts included

FILTER 1. Contacts subscribed to the newsletter

1. Click "Select field or activity". When the dropdown opens, select the "Contact profile" group on the left and, in the fields on the right, choose "Newsletter subscription status”.

2. In the second dropdown, choose "Is equal to" and indicate "Subscribed" in the next dropdown that appears.

3. On the right, click "AND".



FILTER 2. Last purchase date in Hot Sale 2023

4. Click "Select field or activity”. When the dropdown menu opens, select the group "Purchases" on the left side and, in the Metrics on the right, "Date of last purchase”.

5. In the next dropdown, select "Between dates", and select the Hot Sale date range.

6. Click Save.





Your 2023 Hot Sale shopper segmentation is now ready.


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