Identify contacts who belong to groups with low strategic value for personalized communications, for example an email featuring more expensive products than those previously purchased.

In this article, you'll learn how to segment customers with a low RFM value.


Remember that you can create your dynamic segment from "Contacts > Segments", by clicking Create new segment and selecting "Dynamic plus segment".



In this segment, we’ll group contacts who are subscribed to the newsletter and belong to groups with a low strategic value for eCommerce.  



Configuring a dynamic plus segment

STEP 1. Contacts included

FILTER 1. Contacts subscribed to the newsletter

1. Click "Select field or activity”. When the dropdown opens, select the "Contact profile" group on the left and, in the fields on the right, choose "Newsletter subscription status”.

2. In the second dropdown, choose "Is equal to" and indicate "Subscribed" in the next dropdown that appears.

3. Click "And".



FILTER 2. RFM - Segment

5. Click "Select field or activity”. When the dropdown menu opens, select the "Value indicators" group on the left and, in the Metrics on the right, "RFM - Segment".

6. In the second dropdown, select "Is included in “, and choose "About to sleep","At risk","Can’t lose them" and "Hibernating".





Your Low RFM segmentation is now ready.


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