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Connectif's integration with Google Ads allows you to synchronize your Connectif contacts with different Customer List audiences in your Google Ads account, so that you can use them in your paid media campaigns.


How to access it

You can access the Google Ads integration via "Integrations > Ads and Audiences > Google Ads" by clicking on Edit.




The main interface of the Google Ads integration is composed of three blocks:

1. Tabs: to navigate via one of the three integration options:

  • Connector: to configure the Google Ads account.
  • Audiences: to view the audiences available in the connected account and create contact synchronizations with your Google Ads account.
  • Settings: to review the name, category and description of the integration.

2. Main panel: where the options for each tab are located.

3. Return to the list of integrations: to return to the menu of integrations available in Connectif once the integration has been configured.


When accessing the Connector tab, there is one block in the main panel (2):

1. Connector: to connect the Google Ads account to be integrated with Connectif.


When accessing the Audiences tab (available once an account is integrated), there is one block in the in the main panel (2): 

1. Audiences: to display the audience groups of the Google Ads account and the synchronization options in Connectif.


When accessing the Settings tab (editable once an account is integrated), there is one block in the main panel (2): 

1. Integration settings: to check the name of the synchronization, its description and category.



How it works

The Google Ads integration allows you to connect your Google Ads account with Connectif to pass Connectif contacts to Google Ads. These contacts can be synchronized in different ways: add, remove or replace a Google Ads audience with your account segments.

Simultaneous synchronization operations can be created for different audiences. However, only one operation can occur at a time for the same audience – the second one will be queued until the first is finished in order to avoid possible data crossing and the resulting synchronization errors. 

In Connectif, only Customer List-type audiences that exist in the Google Ads account will be shown, because the other types fetch contacts automatically from third parties but do not allow contacts to be inserted.


In order to synchronize your Connectif audiences with Google Ads, you’ll need editing permissions on the Google account you’re going to connect. 


1. Connecting your Google Ads account with Connectif

In tabs (1) go to Connector and in the main panel (2) click Connect.


In the pop-up window, select the Google account where the Google Ads account you want to integrate is located.

Once you are logged in to your account, again in Connectif, click on the Select account drop-down and choose the Google Ads account to link.


Click Configure account to finish the connection process.



2. Perform an audience upload/synchronization

Once the account is integrated, from the tab (1) Audiences, click (View) on the audience you wish to synchronize.


You must have previously created your Customer List audience group in Google Ads in order to sync them with Connectif contacts. You’ll find all the information about your audience segments in the Google Ads documentation


In that window, click Add new synchronization.


Under Information, add a Name and Description to the synchronization.


Under Type, choose the type of synchronization you want to create:

  • Choose Synchronize to remove that audience's contacts from Google Ads and replace them with Connectif contacts.
  • Choose Add contacts to add Connectif contacts to that Google Ads audience.
  • Choose Remove contacts to remove Connectif contacts from that Google Ads audience.

The Synchronize option allows you to automate the synchronization. The Add/Remove contacts options are ad hoc and cannot be automated.


Under Segments, click on the drop-down to display the segments of your Connectif account and select the ones you want to be part of the sync.


Click Save and start to queue this synchronization.



2.1. Automate uploads

Once you have chosen the Synchronize option, activate the Update automatically selector.


Under Update options, choose whether you want the contacts to be uploaded daily or weekly and indicate how many days or weeks, as well as the time and time slot when it will be done.


The next automatic synchronization run will be displayed in the configuration.



3. Check the status of synchronizations

An audience synchronization is performed by several contact upload operations. You can check the status of each one from the Audiences tab (1), by clicking on (View) in the audience you want to synchronize.


On that page you’ll find details of all the synchronizations you have made for a Google Ads audience.


3.1. Review the status of all audience synchronizations

On the audience page you can see all the synchronizations you have made and the global data for each one:

  • Synchronization name: to check the identifier you have given to that synchronization.
  • Creation date: to check the date it was created in Connectif.
  • Synchronization type: to check if it was an automated or manual synchronization.
  • Type of operation: to check if it was a synchronization, upload or a deletion.
  • Synchronization status: to check if the synchronization is In queue, In process, Waiting, Canceled, Finished or has an Error.
  • Last operation: to review the date on which the last operation was performed for the synchronization.
  • Result of the last operation: to review the status of the last operation of this synchronization.
  • Segments: to review the segments included in the synchronization.
  • Actions: to pause, resume, edit or delete a synchronization.


3.2. Review the status of a specific synchronization

Locate the synchronization operation you want to review and click (Expand). There you will find the details of the same:

  • Creation date: to view the date when it was created in Connectif.
  • Start date: to view the date when the synchronization was initiated.
  • Completion date: to view the date when the synchronization was completed.
  • Status: to check if it’s In progress, Error, Success or (empty).
  • Match rate: to check the match rate that Google Ads has found with that audience.
  • Segments: to review the segments included in the synchronization.
  • Actions: to cancel the synchronization.



Our example shows the status of an automatic synchronization, displaying all the operations performed since its creation.

4. Edit a synchronization

When editing a synchronization, all the processes it may have had are cancelled and a new operation is created. 

From the Audiences tab (1), click on the audience you wish to edit the synchronization.


Locate the synchronization you want to modify and click (Edit).


When editing a synchronization you can only change the audience segments that are being synchronized and, in case of automated uploads, you can change the date on which it occurs.


5. Delete a synchronization

From the Audiences tab (1) , click on the audience you want to clear the synchronization.


Locate the synchronization you want to delete and click .


Deleting a synchronization will delete it from Connectif, but if it is being processed in Google Ads it will not stop until the operation is finished.




You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


Do you have questions?
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