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Contact sheets display all the information gathered by Connectif about individual registered and/or anonymous contacts in your ecommerce platform. Getting to know their interface will help you review data from the digital footprint and update it where necessary.


How to access them

You can access the contact sheet via this route "Contacts > See All".




The main interface of the contact sheet is made up of four blocks:

1. Creation, import and export: to add new contacts manually, import or export them, or see a history of these actions.

2. Search: to find contacts collected using their email or cellphone number.

3. Filter: to filter your contacts by email, cellphone number, push subscriptions and/or segment.

4. Contacts list: to view, edit or delete all contacts compiled by Connectif.


Contacts can be deleted at any time. To find out how, click here.


When you access a contact, two tabs will appear:

1. Profile: to amend the data gathered about the contact.

2. Activity: to see all previous interactions with the contact in the ecommerce platform. 



How it works

In Connectif, a contact refers to any user who visits or interacts with your ecommerce platform. When the contact makes their first visit, Connectif registers them automatically in the contact list, which you can consult at any time to see all the interactions carried out so far.

Every contact is assigned a unique identifier, or “tracker”, to distinguish them from the rest and determine which interactions made via that browser belong to the same person. This allows you to monitor anonymous contacts and start managing them without the need for a prior registration.


If a contact visits your ecommerce platform and later logs in to their account, Connectif will automatically merge the two entities. To find out more about merging contacts, click here.

Likewise, any interactions carried out by the contact in your ecommerce platform will be reflected in the Activity tab.


1. Review data gathered about a contact

In the search block (2), enter the email address of the contact in question.


To change from searching by email address to searching by cellphone number, click the icon  (Change filter cell) and on Cellphone.

Once you’ve found the contact, click on ✏ (Details) to access their profile.



Contact fields

Basic information about the contact that are registered via forms. These include:

  • "Email"
  • "Name"
  • "Last name"
  • "Date of birth"
  • "Cellphone number"


Personalized fields

Data gathered by Connectif, whether via forms or workflows, that corresponds to fields created manually for custom strategies.


Learn more about the types of Connectif fields here.


Contact status

Data relating to the contact’s subscriptions and purchases, among others. These include:

  • System: see how many data points the contact has and the date they were last updated.
  • Ecommerce: find out the number of total orders placed by the contact as well the current status of their basket.

  • Email: to review and modify the following email-related aspects:
    • “Email status”. Current status of the contact in relation to emails sent via Connectif. There are four possible statuses:
        • Active: the contact can receive emails sent from your account.
        • Bounced: the contact does not receive emails as at least three attempts have been made and all have bounced back. If this option is shown, the reason and date of the last bounce back will be displayed as well as the number of temporary bounce backs that have occurred from this contact.

      To find out more about email bounce backs, click here.

          • Blocked: the contact does not receive emails. 
          • Paused: the contact is temporarily not receiving emails.

    • “Newsletter subscription status”. Current status of the contact in relation to newsletters or email campaigns. There are three possible statuses:
          • Subscribed: the contact receives email campaigns.

          When sending out newsletters, it’s very important to remember that the contact must have given their express consent to receiving this type of communication, as set out by the GDPR. We recommend that you take a look at these best practices for subscriber acquisition and sending emails.

          • Unsubscribed: the contact is no longer subscribed to the newsletter. They do not receive email campaigns.
          • Not subscribed: the contact has never been subscribed to the newsletter and does not receive email campaigns. 
  • SMS: review and modify the “Cellphone status” and “SMS subscription status”. Both fields are identical to the previous section (except for Bounced).
  • Push notifications: check if the contact is subscribed to push notifications.



List of segments belonging to the contact.


Connectif has three types of segment: static segments, dynamic segments and dynamic plus segments. Click on these to find out more about them.


2. Edit a contact’s data

Edit information about a contact by changing the value of the desired field (see 1. Check the data gathered about a contact) and click Apply.


3. Stop sending emails to a contact

Change the value of the field “Newsletter subscription status” to Unsubscribed if you don’t want the contact to receive email campaigns. If you don’t want them to receive emails of any kind, change the value of the “Email status” field to Paused or Blocked (see Contact status).


4. Manually add a contact to a static segment

In the Segments section, select the desired segment from the drop-down and click + Add to segment (see Segments).


5. Review a contact’s activity history

Within a contact’s profile, click on the Activities tab. You can filter by activity type from the drop-down on the left and refresh the interaction information gathered by clicking ↻ (Update).





You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


Do you have questions?
Don’t forget, our Connectif specialists are here to help you. To contact them, just open a Support ticket by clicking the blue “Help” button on your dashboard.


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