How to create templates for forms


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In Connectif, you can create form templates in your Web Content to standardize and reuse forms. 

In this article, you will learn how to create a form with the Web Content Editor and how to save it as a template for use in other content.


Implementation time: 15 min.
Difficulty: Medium.
When to use it: When you need custom and reusable forms for your eCommerce.

STEP 1: Form creation

1. Log into your Connectif account.
2. Go to "Content > Web Content" and click on  Create new content. Choose the type of content to access the editor.

3. In the Content Editor, click on the Components tab and go to the Forms and Surveys section.

Form Template Creation - 1-min.png

4. Add the form elements you want and edit them to give them the desired text and design. Following the steps of this example:

  • Add a text field to collect the contact's name. 
  • Add an email field to collect the contact's email address.
  • Add a "submit" button to send the form.

Form Template Creation - 2-min.png


STEP 2: Form configuration

5. Click on the Form tab and, in the Form Type section, look for the dropdown menu and choose the type of form your template should contain.

Form Template Creation - 3-min.png

6. (Optional). In URL for redirection upon form submission, set the URL to which contacts who submit the form will be redirected.

Form Template Creation - 4-min.png

7. Check or uncheck the Close content upon form submission box, depending on whether you want this action to take place when a contact submits the completed form.

8. Configure the rest of the submission actions, which will vary depending on the type of form selected.


STEP 3: Save the template 

9. Once your form is designed and configured, go to the Components tab and, in the Custom Components section, click on  Create new.

Form Template Creation - 5-min.png

10. Check the boxes (Select) of the blocks that your form contains.

Form Template Creation - 6-min.png

11. Click Save.

Form Template Creation - 7-min.png

12. In the pop-up window, assign a name to your form and, optionally, add tags. Once ready, click Save.

This way, the form you just saved will be available to use as a template in new web and email content you create in your Store.

Form Template Creation - 8-min.png

13. Save the content as usual.


STEP 4: Use the template in other content

Once the previous steps are completed, you can use your new template by dragging or double-clicking on the custom component you just created.

14. Click on the content where you want to add the form template.

Form Template Creation - 9-min.png

15. In the Components tab, go to Custom Components and locate the template you just created.

Form Template Creation - 10-min.png

16. To add it to your content, simply click the form and drag it to the content editor, to the place where you want to position it, like any other block.

Form Template Creation - 11-min.png

17. Save the content as usual once you have added your template and, if desired, made any changes to it.



You have created and published your form in Connectif.

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