Email channel configuration


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In this section, we can set up the generic rules regarding the emails we will send via Connectif. Access this page from the Store Settings in the left side menu of Connectif, clicking on "Channels > Email".


Default Settings

In the "default settings" section, we'll indicate the information that we want to use by default in all of our emails going forward. This feature is specially useful if we always use the same address and want to save time when the it comes to setting up the nodes:

  • From name: the name of the contact or the company.
  • From email: is the email address of the sender. You can use a non-existent account like "". It's important that the domain is the same as your website's.
  • Reply-to email: if the contact replies to the previous type of email, the message will arrive at this email's inbox. It can be the same address as in the 'from email' as long as it is real.



Advanced Settings

The URLs to notify a subscription or a cancelation of said subscription can be consulted in the Connectif module of the eCommerce. They must be active by default, even though the fields don't appear filled in the "advanced settings" section. If the integration is done manually, via modules, it will be necessary to fill them. The URL to redirect goes to a generic URL of Connectif in case that field is also left blank. If we fill it, every time someone unsubscribes they will be redirected to that chosen URL. 



Email limits

At the bottom of the email integration page, we have the opportunity to set up another piece of relevant information: the amount of emails we can send by day or month. First of all, it's important to know the difference between the two types of email: transactional and newsletter. They can be choose while creating workflows, when we set up the "send email" node:

  • Newsletter: they are the emails that contain some kind of promotional content and are sent periodically to our contacts. Their objective is that those contacts make a purchase.
  • Transactional: these email have different goals than making the contact buy something. They can be updates about private policies or the activation of that particular email address.

In both cases, we can control the amount of emails that our contacts are receiving by day or month. We can see a particular set up in the next image. 



Regarding newsletters, the contacts can receive, at most, one email each day, and six in total during the month. When those conditions are met, we have to wait until the next month to get new communications of this type. The same applies to the transactionals, but these time we select a maximum of 3 mails per day and 10 total during the month. Another option is to establish exceptions in a particular workflow. It is also an option to leave these fields empty. That way, there won't be any limits.

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