Advanced assignment of variables in Connectif


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In this article, you will learn how to perform the advanced assignment of variables in Connectif, a functionality that will allow you to personalize your marketing strategies effectively and precisely. This can be useful for working with extra filters when selecting information to personalize in content.


1. Properties 

  • The advanced variables in Connectif have the same properties as other variables, along with certain usage specifications that are found at the time of configuration (see section 2.1.).

If you need to know more about what variables are and how they are used, take a look at this article.

2. How to use it in Connectif

2.1. Advanced variable configuration

The advanced variable assignment option is found in the section to establish the relationship between a node data and a variable:

Advanced variable assignment in Connectif - 1-min.png

By clicking on it, a dialog box will open for configuration.

Advanced variable assignment in Connectif - 2-min.png

The configuration options for an advanced variable are Filter and Transform.

  • Filter: filters the list based on a condition. The current filters are:
    • Starts with: filters the elements of the text list that start with a specific value (case-sensitive). This is useful if we have, for example, a list of tags. In a case where we have products with the tags offer Summer, offer VIP, and color:red, applying a "starts with" filter "offer", will only show those with the tags offer Summer and offer VIP.
    • Ends with: filters the elements of the text list that end with a specific value (case-sensitive). Continuing with the previous example, if we only want VIP products, we will write it here.
    • Contains: filters the elements that contain a specific value (case-sensitive). If we only want to show large size products, and that size is indicated by tags, we will indicate the word large here.

Advanced variable assignment in Connectif - 3-min.png

  • Transform: transforms the values of the list into another value. Available transformations are:
    • Replace: changes one value for another. For example, to stop showing all products with the tag color:red and instead show those with the tag color:black.
    • Remove: removes the specified value directly. In this same case, to not show products with any of those color tags.

Advanced variable assignment in Connectif - 4-min.png


It is possible to configure up to five advanced assignments in each node.

These assignments are also sequential. This means that, out of all the products that pass the filter of the first assignment, those of the second will be selected. Therefore, if using all five, the fifth assignment will only include products that have passed the previous 4 filters.

2.2 Example of advanced variable assignment 


In this example, we want a specific Segment of contacts (VIP contacts) to see a different price than the one set for the product by default in our catalog.

1. In your eCommerce, tag the products to indicate the price to be shown to contacts, depending on the group they belong to. For example, you can indicate it like this: group1=10, group2=5.5, group3=15.

Advanced variable assignment in Connectif - 5-min.png


These products will be shown in an email we are going to send to a specific segment of VIP contacts, corresponding to "Group 2".

2. Use the "Belongs to segment" node to check if the contact belongs to the VIP contacts segment.


If you need more information about segments, take a look at this article.

Advanced variable assignment in Connectif - 6-min.png

3. Use the "Get products" node and configure it to obtain the list of products you are going to send in the email. 


If you need more information on how to configure the "Get products" node, take a look at this article.

Advanced variable assignment in Connectif - 7-min.png

4. Add the "Send email" node, in which you should have added a personalized product block.


If you need to know how to add a personalized product block to an email, take a look at this article.

Advanced variable assignment in Connectif - 8-min.png

5. After configuring the shipment data, associate the variables that will show the products in your email.

6. In the price variable, associate the tag value to configure the desired price. 

Advanced variable assignment in Connectif - 9-min.png

7. Click on the Assign drop-down menu to access advanced assignment.

8. Configure it under the following options, as seen in the image:

  • Filter by the values that start with "group2=" the name of the tag that interests us in this case.
  • Transform that same tag, removing the "group2=" part, or the corresponding one, so that only the price remains.

Advanced variable assignment in Connectif - 10-min.png

9. Click on Apply.

10. Save and activate your workflow so that the contacts in the corresponding segment see the unit price different from the rest.



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