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Sometimes, a subscription or unsubscription to the newsletter for a contact is not received as expected in the ecommerce linked to Connectif. Each time a contact enters the website, Connectif collects the updated information from their profile to verify if they are subscribed to the newsletter or unsubscribed. 

An error notification in subscriptions or unsubscriptions implies that this change in subscription status is not being reflected in the contact's profile. If they were Subscribed (subscribed), the contact will remain subscribed even if they unsubscribe. If they were Unsubscribed or Unsubscribed, the subscription will not be recorded.


1. Properties

When it is detected that the information on email subscription changes is not being updated, it is possible to identify the error and act on it.

This table lists the main error codes that can be found in a subscription notification and the most common solutions:

301 Moved permanently The requested resource has been permanently moved to the URL provided by the location headers.
  • Update the URL for the subscription notification that originates the error from the "Store Settings" section.
302 Found (redirection) The URL of the requested resource has temporarily changed. More changes to the URL may occur in the future.
400 Bad request The server cannot understand the request due to invalid syntax.
  • Set all subscription forms to High.
  • Update the URL for the subscription notification that originates the error from the "Store Settings" section.
  • Delete contacts with incorrect email addresses.
401 Unauthorized The client must authenticate to obtain the requested response.
  • Update the URL for the subscription notification that originates the error. The indicated URL must be the production environment URL. Check the "Store Settings" section.
403 Forbidden The client is not authorized to access the content, so the server refuses to provide the requested resource.
  • Check for server restrictions. For example, a list of allowed IPs blocking requests from other IPs.
404 Not found The server cannot find the requested resource. In the browser, this means that the URL is not recognized.
  • Update the URL for the subscription notification that originates the error from "Store Settings".
  • If the URL for the subscription notification has been configured in several places on the platform, delete the URL that causes the erroneous request. Check the Origin column of the error report and, depending on where it is indicated, you should resolve it in one way or another. For example, if the Origin indicates "prestashop", you should review the "Store Settings > E-commerce Platforms > Prestashop" section, while if the Origin indicates "email", you should review the "Store Settings > Channels > Email" section.
406 Not acceptable The server does not find a response in any of the formats that the client indicates it accepts in the request header.
500 Internal server error The server has encountered a situation it does not know how to handle.
503 Service unavailable The server is not ready to handle the request.
  • Website issue. Once the website is functioning normally, the subscription notification will be successful.
504 Gateway timeout The server cannot get a response within the specified time frame.
522 Timeout The server is overloaded and the request is not completed.



2. How it is used in Connectif

How to handle notification errors


From your account, you can consult and download this list of errors with information from the last three months.

1. In the Store Settings of the left side menu, go to "Channels > Email".

Errors in email subscription notifications - 1 (1)-min.png


2. Each time this error is detected, it must be acted upon immediately. The optimal way to act on it is as follows:

  • Download the error list.
  • Change the status within the file so that all have the status they would have if there were no error.
  • Import it into the Store and update the status of all contacts in that list in the Store.
  • Import the same list into Connectif selecting "Overwrite existing", so they are also updated in Connectif.

One of the best recommendations to maintain the good state of a Store is to periodically review this list. With this, all contacts will remain updated both in Connectif and in the eCommerce.


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