Dynamic segment

A dynamic segment is a series of contacts with shared characteristics, which Connectif generates automatically according to the conditions you set when creating it. It provides you with contacts grouped according to your objectives, in real time.


1. Properties

  • Dynamic segments are created based on one or more characteristics you want to work with. Contacts will only be included in the segment if they meet all the criteria. For example: “subscribed to newsletter” and “interested in shoes”.

Remember that the contact must fulfil all the conditions to be included in the segment.

  • In real time, Connectif continuously evaluates new and existing contacts to include them in the segment.
    • If a contact meets all the established criteria, they’ll be included in the segment.
    • If a contact no longer fulfils one of the conditions, they’ll be removed from the segment.
  • The key difference with static segments is that the latter need a workflow to include contacts, while dynamic segments automatically group all contacts that fulfil the conditions set in its configuration without requiring an additional workflow.
  • Dynamic segments are always active and up to date, allowing you to maintain effective and coherent long-term strategies for every audience niche and to optimize the user’s experience.


2. How they’re used in Connectif

Creating a dynamic segment

1. Go to "Contacts > Segments" and click  Create new segment.

2. For Type, select Dynamic.

3. For Name, give your segment a title to identify it.

4. (Optional) Under Description, add an additional explanation for your group of contacts.

5. In the shaded area below, establish the conditions by which Connectif should determine the contacts that should belong (or not) to the group. For example, indicating that “Date of birth” must be “equal to or after” “01/01/1965”. You can add as many filters as you like, remembering that the contact must fulfil all of these to be included in the segment.

6. Click   Save.



Editing an existing dynamic segment

1. Go to "Contacts > Segments" and type its name into the search bar. Once you’ve found it, click Edit.

2. Make any edits you wish.

3. Click   Save.



See and export contacts from an existing dynamic segment

1. Once you’ve found the segment in "Contacts > Segments", click More  .

2. Depending on your objective, click:



You’ve reached the end of the tutorial.


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