Registration event notification

The “Registration event notification” event is used to indicate a new registration. It notifies you via JavaScript when a user registers on the web page, using the connectif.managed.sendEventsfunction.


This article is part of the guide to creating a custom integration.
If your integration is via a module, this tag will be added to your ecommerce platform automatically.


How to use it

The registration event notification uses the entityInfooption, in the SendEvents method, to enrich the information about the events sent. It has no additional properties.


This event is an alternative to implementing the “Contact has registered” Tag in your store or website’s HTML.



The notification will look like this:

  {type: "register"},
  {type: "page-visit"}
], { entityInfo, cart });

In the example, the visited page event is also reported, to report both events with a single call to Connectif tracking.



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